Book Reviews List

I’ve reviewed a number of books since first setting up this blog, so I decided it was time I created a page linking to them, lest they be lost amongst the sea of posts.


Adam Watt – The Rebirth: Future of Destruction

Adri Sinclair – Hidden Carmina

Adri Sinclair – Carmina Revealed

A.E. Hellstorm – Lost: The Field Researchers Book 2

A.H. Amin – Kima

Aidan Stone – The Power of the Stones

Aidan Stone – Rae Leah’s Salvation

A.J. Chaudhury – A Song of Blood

A.J. Chaudhury – A Wisp of Hope

Aleksandra Layland – Ansgar: The Struggle of a people

Alistair Roberts – Ceridwen and The Order of The Future Keepers

Allison Williford – Waiting For You

Amanda J Evans – Finding Forever

Amanda J Evans – Save Her Soul

Amanda Laneley – What I Love About Dublin

Amie Irene Winters – Strange Luck

Amie Irene Winters – The Nightmare Birds

Andrew Wichland – The Awakening

Angel Berry – It Lives: African Horror

Angel Leya – Raven. A Dark Fantasy Short Story

Angel Ramon – Angel’s Nightmare Adventure

Angela Lockwood – Conversations with Tom

Anthony Gillis – The Storm’s Own Son Book one and two

Aristomenis Dimitrios Tourvas – Insulin Resistance Guide

A.W. Daniels – Genetically Privileged 


Betty Jean Craige – Fairfield’s Auction: A Witherstone Murder Mystery

Billy McLaughlin – In the Wake of Death

Bree Lawrence – Wilde Omens

Brent J. Griffiths – Ancient Evil

Bret Allen –  Strange Matters


C.A. King – Tomoiya’s Story: Escape to Darkness

C.A. King – A Keeper’s Destiny (The Portal Prophecies book one)

C.A. King – A Halloween’s Curse (The Portal Prophecies book two)

C.A. King  – (The Portal Prophecies book three)

C.A King – Answering the Call (Surviving The Sins Book 1)

Calvin Demmer – Hungry Ghosts

Calvin Demmer – Labor Day Hunt

Carolyn Reilly – Adrenaline Secrets: A Deadly DNA Novel

Carolyn Walker – Every Least Sparrow

Cary Allen Stone –  Forever Sunshine

Cassandra Piat – Stuck with Me

Casi McLean – Destiny Series

Cassandra Larsen – Wicca: A Beginner’s Guide to Witchcraft, Spells, Rituals, and Magick

Cassandra Piat – What’s it Gonna Be?

Chanda Hahn- Underland

Charity Grant – 20,000 Steps

Charity Parkerson and Regina Puckett – Seventh Level

Charles E Yallowitz – Beginning of a Hero

Cheryl Denise Bannerman – A Killer’s Reflection

Christine Vann – Tacenda

C.J. Anaya – The Healer

C.N. Lesley – Darkspire Reaches

C.N. Lesley – Serpent of Shangrove

C.N. Lesley – Chalice of ShadowsC.N. Lesley – Chalice of Shadows

Cynthia A Morgan – The Reviled


Daccari Buchelli – Phoenix

Daniel M Quilter – A Soul Divided (The Blood Fire Trilogy Book 1)

Daniel M Quilter – Key to the Demon’s Gate

David Burton – Soul Retrievers

David Curtis – The Memory of Lost Dreams

David Finn – Demorn; Blade of Excile

David Litwack – The Light of Reason

David Parkland – Demon Bound

David Sgalambro – NED

Dean C Moore – Born F.R.E.E.

Dean C Moore – The God Gene

Deborah Jay – Desprite Measures

Deborah Stenton – The Good, The Bad, The Relationship

Dev Bhattacharyya – Tepid Blue

Devri Walls – Venators: Through The Arch

Diana J Febry – Who Killed Vivien Morse?

D.J. Cooper – Dystopia

D.J Cooper – Dystopia: The Long Road

D.S. Smith – The Demon’s Beast

D.W. Gill – The Ancestral Odyssey: The Utopian Dream


E.A. Comiskey – More Things in Heaven and Earth

E.A. Comiskey – Dwelling in Heaven and Earth

Edmund Kelly – Addiction & Pestilence

Edward Vukovic – Grind

Eileen Thornton – The Trojan Project

Eli Goldfarb – Random Word Stories 

Elizabeth O’Neill by The Killing of John, John, and John

Em Frappier – SuperGym

E.M. McIntyre – The Phantom of Faerie Mountian

Emma Kaye – Echoes of the Past

Eugene Knight – In Between Dreams

Eugene Knight – Burning Through Their Eyes



G.A. Renteria – Tenebrous

George Benda – The Edge

Gordon Bickerstaff – Deadly Secrets (Gavin Shawlens Thrillers #1)

Gordon Bickerstaff – Everything to Lose

Gordon Bickerstaff -The Black Fox

Gordon Bickerstaff – Toxic Minds: The Damage is Done (Gavin Shawlens Thrillers #4)


Hamliton Hill –  The Roads of Luhonono: Legend of the East Road

Hannah Howe – San’s Song (The Sam Smith Mystery series)


Ian D Moore –  Salby Damned

Ian D Moore – Salby Evolution

Indie Author Anthology – You’re Not Alone

Indie Author Anthology – Camels and Cake: Tea for Three

Isabella – The Gate


Jada Ryker – Take a Walk on the Dead Side

Jack Massa – Cloak of the Two Winds

Jalpa Williby – Fate’s Cry

Jan Raymond – Chakra

Javon Rahman Bertrand – The Biography of Phrophets

Janie Lee Barlow – Infertility Cured Naturally: Get Pregnant Now

Jason Latshaw – The Threat Below

J B Michaels – The Elixir

Jennifer Stone – The Slave Girl

Jennifer Strom – Sometimes it Rains in California

Jenny Burnley – Zenzoris Returns

Jess James – Sleeping Beauty (Flirtatious Fairytales)

Jess James – Goldilocks (Flirtatious Fairytales)

Jessica Marie Baumgartnet – Siren’s Snare

Jessica Monks – The House on Hayden Pond

Jim Cronin – Hegira (The Brin Archives Book 1)

Jim Cronin – Recusant (The Brin Archives Book 2)

Joe Eliseon – Snarkey and Putts: Paranormal Attorneys at Law

Joey Paul – Dying thoughts – First Touch

Joey Paul – Dying Thoughts – Second Sight

Joey Paul – Dying Thoughts – Third Wish

John Evans – An Unwilling Recruit

John W. Milor – Jimmy Prophet’s Library

Joseph Pinto – Dusk and Summer

Joyce Cato – An Invisible Murder

Julie Elizabeth Powell – Of Sound Mind

Julie Hacker – The Dead Dance Faster


Karen Glista – Embellished

Karen Glista – Extolled

Karen Glista – The Taking of Peggy Martin

Karen Gray – For King and Country (SoTaR book 1)

Karen Gray – Chains of Blood and Steel (SoTaR book 2)

Karen Gray -Battle of the Bannockburn (SoTaR book 3)

K.B Hoyle – Breeder

K.F Johnson – What I’d Do For Love

Kris Moger – Taeowolf

Kristy Berridge – The Hunted


L.A. Knight – Dog Training the American Male

L.A. Frederick – The Rain

Laura Shapiro Kramer – Uncommon Voyage

Layden Robinson – Breathe

Leigh Grissom – KLS-9

Leonard D Hilley II – Devils Den

Lesley Wilson – Oric and the Alchemist’s Key

Leslie E. Heath – The Last Mayor’s Son

Libby Doyle – The Passion Season (The Covalent Series book one)

Libby Doyle – The Pain Season (The Covalent Series book two)

L.K. Kelley – Mating  (The White Wolf Prophecy Book one)

L.K. Kelley – The Hall of Records (The White Wolf Prophecy Book two)

L.K. Kelley – Scroll of Time (The White Wolf Prophecy Book three)

L.K. Kelley – The Anaerris Code

L.M du Preez – Dette Chambers’ Death Journal

Louise G White – The Calling (Gateway Book one)

Louise G White – Chasing the Demon (Gateway book two)

Louise G White – Pledged (Gateway book three)

Lucinda E Clarke – Amie: African Adventure


Marc Remus – The Bridge in the Fog

Margaret Lynette Sharp – Sisters and Rivals

Margaret Sharpe – After the Pemberley Ball

Marie Godley – Janalya

Marie Sutro – Dark Associations

Mark H Scanlon – Snowfall

Mark Lingane – Sucker

Marsha A Moore – Witch’s Moonstone Locket

Marsha A Moore – Seeking a Scribe (Enchanted Bookstore Legend book one)

Martin F. Hengst – The Last Swordmage

Mary Deal – The Ka

Mary Yarde – The Du Lac Chronicles

M.D. Tabat – Welcome to the Galaxy

Melissa H North – A Confabulated Compendium of Anecdotes

Michael B. Koep – The Invasion of Heaven

Michael Eging – Annwyn’s Blood

Michael Okon – Monsterland

Michael Timmins – The Awakening

Mike Rider – Otis, The Hairy Eyeball: Underwater

Mistral Dawn – Bound by the Summer Prince

Molly McGee – Saving Tuma


Neil Enock – MAYAN – Atlantis Returns


Opal K. Dante – The Game of Sexes


Paul Cude – Bentwhistle the Dragon in a Threat from the Past

Peter Taylor-Gooby – The Baby Auction

Philip J Bedingford – The Claws of Chaos

P.J. Webb – Prince of the Blood: Transformation

P.J. Webb – Lora Lee

P.S. Winn – Correlations 



R.A. Salvatore – The Crystal Shard

R B Watkinson – The Cracked Amulet

Renae Lucas-Hall –  Tokyo Tales

Richard Crofton – Agents of Shadow

Richard Crofton – The Paladin’s Message

Roari Benjamin – The Shadow Watcher

Roari Benjamin – A Shadow in Doubt

Robert Bevan – Critical Failures: Caverns and Creatures book 1

Robert Eggleton – Rarity from the Hollow

Robert E Keller The Eye of Divinity

Robert Lalonde – The Borman Factor

Ron Williams – Possessed by a Shadow

Ronesa Aveela Light Love Rituals: Bulgarian Myths, Legends, and Folklore

Rue – An Average Curse (The Chronicles of Hawthorne book one)

Rue – Key to the Journey (The Chronicles of Hawthorne book two)

Rue – (The Chronicles of Hawthorne book three)


Sabrina Flynn – A Thread in the Tangle

Sallyann Phillips – Angel’s Blood, Hybrid Justice

Sallyann Phillips – Angel’s Blood

Sandi K Whipple – Tarnished Romance

S.C Barrett – Time Will Tale

Shady Fae – Speared by a Merman

Shane KP O’Neill – The Lamb of God

Shelly M Burrows / Michael S Stewart – Dark Harvest

Shervin Jamali – The Devil’s Lieutenant

Shuna Meade – The Other Side of Here

Simon Williams  Oblivion’s Forge (Aona series Book 1)

Sin Mils – Purple Mike: A Trip

S.J. Hermann – Morium

Stephanie Berezowski – The Vacant Ones

Stephen Drake – Displaced

Stephen Drake – Civilaization

Stephen Drake – Blackwing

Stuart Kenyon – Swiftly Sharpens the Fang

Stuart Kenyon – Subnormal


Tanor Costa – Crown of Delusion

Tamara Ferguson – Two Hearts Surrendered

Tamara Grantham – Spellweaver: Olive Kennedy

Terry Tumbler – The Deaduction agency

Thomas G. Atwood Jr. – Dauntless

Tita Horvat – The Healing Touch

T.J. Shaw – Divergent Bloodlines

T.L. McDonald – Distant Family

Todd L. Shuler – Dew on Ginkgo Leaves

Tracy Black – Things Fall Apart

Tricia Schneider – The Witch’s Kiss



Val Tobin – The Experiencers

Val Tobin – Gillian’s Island