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Book review: Ceridwen and The Order of The Future Keepers – Alistair Roberts

Last night I finished reading Ceridwen and The Order of The Future Keepers by Alistair Roberts.

The book itself is set just after the time of King Arthur and the author does a good job in making the speech not only easy to understand, but keeping with the time and rhythm expected, translating, where necessary, the odd word which is thrown into the dialect.

While I was reading the tale of Ceridwen, I couldn’t help but be reminded of The Dark is Rising series by Susan Cooper, a popular book with its own foothold in Arthurian legends and mythology.

The story itself, although references Arthurian legends, is not consumed by it as the author draws on parts of the mythology only as a means of enhancing the story and plot, whilst giving them his own twist, which also leaves various options open to later explore events discussed in future books. Throughout the book, you not only learn of Ceridwen’s current concerns, but learn, through small insights, of some of her past adventures and those which may await her in the future.

As always, if this has piqued your interest, here’s the link.

UK – Ceridwen and The Order of The Future Keepers

US Ceridwen and The Order of The Future Keepers


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