The Dreamwalker, Forgotten Legacies, book four

The Dream Walker

Genre: Fantasy
Pages 573
Formats: Paperback and e-book

The Dream Walker is the fourth and final book in The Forgotten Legacies Series


All which had come to pass had led to this.

Prophecies and events, manipulated through shadows, had paved the way for his return. Sacrifices bled, gateways opened, and now The Father of Nightmares was free at last.

This time there would be no mistakes; no force with the power required to stand against him. The Mystics thought by sealing him within The Forest of The Epiales, they had weakened him, but instead they had given him the key to victory.

Lost races, sealed powers, ancient Spirits. All must unite to prevent the darkness which is to come. Should they fail, should darkness fall and unleash its ancient gaolers, then all hope will be lost.

The time has come for the forgotten to be unveiled, and for the sealed to be unbound. Only then will the world know true fear.