About K.J. Simmill

Hi and welcome to my site.photo

I am an author in the fantasy genre working The Forgotten Legacies series. The first Darrienia, was released along with my non-fiction book,  Herbal Lore, on September 1st 2015.

In addition to my own books, I have been invited to participate in two books for charity, an opportunity I was thrilled to accept.

I am a passionate gamer, both PC and console. I have played RPG and JRPGs since my early teenage years. The majority of my time is dedicated to my son and husband, however, I dedicate as much of my personal time as possible to either reading, writing or gaming. There is nothing I love more than to completely immerse myself into a well thought story and its surrounding mythos. I have a particular interest in Greek mythology and find this is reflected in my own writing.

I have spent a majority of my life in the UK, the exception being a period of twelve months when I lived and worked in Bangalore, India, where I obtained my project management qualifications. I am also an Usui Reiki master with certifications in various fields of holistic therapy inclusive of aromatherapy, crystal healing, colour therapy, ethereal Reiki, Indian head massage, shaman power Reiki, sound therapy, and massage therapy. I have spent many years researching various practices of magic and herbal medicine, and I am currently working towards my herbal practitioner qualification.

It is my aim for each one of my titles to donate a percentage of author royalties to a different charity, which is actually harder than you would think due to red tape and policies.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a great day.

You can now follow me on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/Oneirois and/or Twitter https://twitter.com/SimmillKj .

13 thoughts on “About K.J. Simmill”

  1. You definitely are a person with multiple abilities. All the best for your book

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  2. I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavors. I have one novel completed in as much as it is written just not edited properly. I fear my editing skills are lacking and the funds required for editing I am lacking as well. I have debated trying to solicit for an agent but I do not wish to look foolish by submitting an unedited manuscript. It would seem I can pick out other’s errors far easier than my own. I am not sure why this is so. (Oh and I used to be a Dark Age of Camelot addict before the game fell apart. I played for seven years.) 🙂

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    • Hiya, thanks 🙂 I have found with editing that reading the chapters in a random order helps, also beta readers are a good resource, I generally call on people who owe me favours and ask them, and ask if anyone they know would have a look, it can be really helpful. I trialled some software called grammarly for 7 days, it was actually really good, to the point, if I can afford, when it comes to my second book I will pay to use it for a month.
      I know what you mean though, editing is the hardest part 🙂

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      • There is a free version of Grammarly that is quite useful, particularly for punctuation and catching compounds. One of the best free online editing tools I’ve come across is http://editminion.com/ and catches passive tenses, adverbs etc. It’s also useful for some not so obvious things like sentence length. I proofread a lot of documents as part of my job as well as writing and find both these tools invaluable. Another tip is to have your work read aloud back to you, which I find particularly useful for catching omissions. Another decent freebie in that respect is here: http://www.fromtexttospeech.com/ where the voices are not too robotic. Good luck to both of you in your writing endeavours.


      • I find friends are great for providing notes on “big picture” issues with my writing — the sort of thing where I know what’s going on in a scene or story arc, but I haven’t really provided the reader who lives outside my head with enough to get it. I ask first, then send a PDF of a draft manuscript. Patience is required, as well as tact in handling unpleasant notes.

        For copy edit, I find using a pro at US$0.05 per word is really efficient — and then I’m lucky enough to have a wife capable of good proofreading, too. I’ve used the same copyeditor for my first three books, and that helps, too. She now gets my style, which is a little unconventional.

        In the end, it’s me. I find more items needing correction by reading aloud to myself than any other method.


  3. hi this is anil……..ur twitter friend….So good luck and and take care..regards

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  4. Hi KJ
    I see above:- “aspiring author in the fantasy genre ” and ” currently searching for an agent “.
    I wish you luck! I did that for several years before giving up and going indie on Amazon.
    Did you ever get an agent? And if so, who – and how?

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    • Hi Alan, I am afraid I got a little inpatient, did some research and opted to do it myself. It seemed the better option with wanting to donate a percentage of royalties to a different charity for each title I release.


  5. You have a great blog, greats books, and you are a bundle of interesting knowledge! Glad to be on your list.––Cary

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  6. Hi KJ
    The St John Red Cross Defence Medical Welfare Service are delighted that you have chosen us as your charity, donating a generous 10% of royalties. We would very much like to put a piece about you on our website and wish you all the best with the book. Lesley

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  7. Aloha KJ — thanks for the great review of The Edge. I’ve been very pleased to get to know you a bit through your Facebook page and this website. I can see from your bio and the exchanges on this blog that (a) you are an eclectic and interesting person, (b) you have a big heart, (c) you don’t give up. These are all traits I admire. You might appreciate that, long ago, my Master’s Thesis was on Philip Sidney, the writer who was known as the renaissance man. All three traits applied to him and I try to live in that spirit. In my writing, I rely on my friends for draft reviews of my manuscripts: I’ll offer you that service and hope someday you might be interested in returning the favor. And who knows when you might need a friend who lives in Hawaii.

    (PS: my Hawaiian band, Na Ohana Hoaloha, played at two pubs in Bristol in 2015 as part of our European tour)


  8. Hello KJ! It’s great to learn more about you. You have a fascinating blog. I look forward to getting to know you and your work better. Wishing you continued success.


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