The Severaine, Forgotten Legacies, book two

The Severaine


Winner of New apple 2017 ‘official selection’ for Fantasy,
Readers Favorite 2017 award for dystopian,
Finalist in the Independent Author Network book for the year awards for two categories, fantasy and action/adventure.
Readers’ Favorite 5 stars

Genre: Fantasy
Pages 642
Formats: Paper back and e-book

The Severaine is the second book in The Forgotten Legacies Series


They had been tasked to save the world; yet by their hand it was plunged into chaos, their actions giving rise to an unimaginable terror. They sowed the seeds of demise but even now fate will not relinquish the hold on its chosen champions. But how can answers be found when surrender seems a welcome reprieve and reality is seen through blinked eyes?

Creatures once forced into slumber rise, their cries heralding a new dawn as the Severaine awakens. Its tendrils spanning the world, encompassing all in its embrace, while those falling prey to its wrath see but a fraction of its might. It will remake the world and purge the taint of man from its surface. To quell such a power seems impossible, but ancient lore speaks of its binding in aeons past, perhaps it can be silenced once more.

Paths once closed reopen and whispered tales speak of hope, but only to those willing to listen.


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