Darrienia, Forgotten Legacies, book one



Winner of the 2016 Independent Author book of the year award for ‘Outstanding Fantasy’
semi-finalist in the 2017 Kindle Book Awards
Readers’ Favorite 2019 Silver medal winner in Magic and Wizardry
Winner of New apple 2019 ‘official selection’ in the 2016 and Older category,

Genre: Fantasy
Pages 744 Formats: Paperback and e-book. Audiobook- coming soon


The dream world of Darrienia is in turmoil. With the guardians of the realm imprisoned by the god Night the destruction of the domain seems imminent. Horrors beyond imagination, existing only as nightmares for an age, lurk on the edge of the diminishing protection threatening to breach the boundary and take on a physical form once more. Night, still burning with desire to release a devastating force upon the world, has seized all but one of the Grimoire used to seal his powers and is bent on revenge and the creation of a new cycle. To each force there is a balance, people selected by the hands of fate in an attempt to avert any danger which could come to pass. This group, those chosen, must brave the realm of Darrienia, seeking out the runes said to be the key to the Oneirois’ release. The frailty of friendship is pushed beyond its limits, as untold secrets and dark histories are revealed, and a true struggle between light and darkness begins, one which threatens the very fabric of all


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