Herbal Lore


Herbal Lore covers a wide range of herbs and their uses in both medicinal and magical practices, including sections detailing extraction and application. It also provides comprehensive step-by-step instructions on making a wide range of items encompassing creams, herbal bags, incense, salves, tinctures, and poultices.

Presented in an easy to understand format, with an added definition of terms, making it an asset to anyone wishing to utilise the beneficial properties of herbs.

The target audience is anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge of herbal medicine, or use herbs in their magical practices.

15% of author royalties will be donated to the DMWS. The DMWS provide practical and emotional support to military personnel, their families, and other entitled civilians when they are in hospital, rehabilitation or recovery centres and support patients from all three services, wherever they serve.

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US $2.99 Herbal Lore

UK £1.99 Herbal Lore


US $9.99 Herbal Lore

UK £5.99 Herbal Lore


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    You have my heart,


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