Remedy, Forgotten Legacies, book three



Solo Medallist Winner for the 2017 New Apple Award for Excellence in the Fantasy Category
Readers Favorite 2018 award for adventure
finalist in the Independent Author Network book for the year awards for action/adventure.
Semi Finalist in 2019 Kindle book awards

Genre: Fantasy
Pages 470
Formats: Paperback and e-book

Remedy is the third book in The Forgotten Legacies Series


Before there were legends there was war.
Before fables came twisted truth and distorted tales.
Things deemed too dangerous were sealed, and bound for all eternity.
Or so it was believed.

Whispers from an ancient realm threaten the peace, drawing a lone adventurer into The Depths of Acheron.
He seeks something from within this sealed domain, and those banished want something in return.
Something belonging to them.

There was a prophecy forged of rebirth and death.
But knowing what is to come can change what will be.
And there is one who seeks to do just that.
He intends to use every tool at his disposal, every distraction and manipulation, to ensure the future will be his.

The time has come for the forgotten to be unveiled, and for the sealed to be unbound. Only then will the world know true fear.

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