Emily Stormbrook

Emily Stormbrook is a steamy romance author favouring dark romances and paranormal. British born and raised with a history of IT support and caring for people with debilitating neurological conditions she now spends her time gaming and fantasising about her next plot

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Series: Addicted to Sin – Dark abduction romance

Series Barrett’s Bay – troubled second chance romances

Series: Elswyth Chase: paranormal romace

Series: Addicted to Sin

Ivy Sinclair knew the job offer was too good to be true. But she was desperate. She’d lost her father, her job, her apartment, and her best friend all in one foul swoop. She’d no choice but to hope this was a turning point. She thought things couldn’t get any worse. How wrong she had been.

Abducted and thrust into a world of violence, trapped alone with a captor who had been stalking her for years, Ivy must find a way to survive his darkness without losing herself completely as he forces her to become his, in body, mind, and soul. He has wanted her for years, planned each move to perfection, and now all that remained was for him to break her. He wanted an heir. He wanted to hear her screams. He wanted her.

This book contains graphic, non-consensual sex, abuse, and violence. If you don’t enjoy reading a book containing these dark themes this book is not for you. Not suitable for under 18s.

Barrett’s Bay

For eleven years I’d lived through hell, fought temptation, and faced the devil I’d been forced to marry. So when the chance came to run, I hadn’t looked back. I’d fled to the only place I’d ever felt safe. Barrett’s Bay.

My plan was simple, hide out until the dust settled, keep to myself, and stay safe. I hadn’t planned on getting in an accident, or on my teenage crush still living in the town he’d always planned to leave behind.

As a teenager, Jesse Fateson had been a god amongst mortals, but now even divinity would pale in his presence. Growing up, he had been my salvation, my everything, now he could be my ruin, because if anyone realised who I was, realised I was here, I wouldn’t be allowed to run again.

Elswyth Chase

Ranked number 5 on release week.

Helena Truit, Hel, had spent her entire life from the age of seven cleaning up after her parents. Because of her they spiralled into a world of drugs and gambling, which meant it fell to her to dig them out.

Drowning in debt and thrown from their cluster, Hel gives up her promising future to slave away all day and night just to scrape together enough to make payments to loan shark Bram Woodroe, alpha of the Woodroe Cluster.

If rumours are true, this dangerous man is one of the top names in sex-trafficking and when her parents sank too deep, they offer him the only thing they have. Her.

Marrok Lovel was will-bound at fourteen to serve Woodroe. At Twenty-eight he is now the strongest and most ruthless of all his enforcers.

For fourteen years he learnt to shut away the world outside, block out the horrors of what he was doing, that was until he was sent to collect payment for a debt long overdue.

He’d collected women before. They always cried and begged, but not Hel. Instead, she awoke something in him that had been sleeping for a long time. The need to protect.

Saving Hel from her fate would mean going against his alpha, bringing down his operation from the inside. It’s a death sentence, but maybe some things are just worth dying for.

Trigger warning: contains a scene of sexual violence, erotic scenes, and questionable consent

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