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Book review: Karen Glista Chasing the Red Queen (@ElizabethGlist1 )

Donja’s mother has just remarried, and with that came a new upheaval. She was glad her reviewmother had found someone after her father’s death, but she had not been prepared for the change. Forced to leave her home and friends she finds herself in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.  But this is just the start. A serial killer is on the loose, targeting young female Chippewa, slicing their throat and draining their blood. Little does she know she is about to  fins herself in the sights. Her rare blood type makes her desirable. Those who know the myth and prophecies, know she is the last chance of obtaining true power. Donja is about to be exposed to a world she is no where near ready to face, and it is one she may not survive.

Brilliant, simply brilliant. I have read a number of books by Karen Glista, from LitRPG to the paranormal, this lady is made to write. She shows a fantastic imagination, and never fails to create a cast of vibrant and realistic characters. She writes in a way that will make your pulse race, or your heart skip a beat. She has lust, attraction, action, horror, and tension building down to a fine art. I loved the characters, from the somewhat  unsure Donja being pulled from her security, to Torin, the passionate heartthrob with a promise he would move the world itself to keep. Buckle down, and prepare to be drawn into an amazing adventure; a mystery, wrapped inside a myth, explored within the realms of paranormal romance and so much more. I simply loved this book, and it is deserving of some words I rarely utter, I highly recommend Chasing the Red Queen. It is easily the best paranormal book I have read this year.


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Book review: The Secret of the Sacred Scarab by Fiona Ingram (@FionaRobyn )

Adam and Justin could hardly wait, a trip to Egypt with their aunt was a dream come reviewtrue, little did they know the danger that awaited. A missing archaeologist, a strange feeling of being followed, and a secret entrusted to them, all marks the start of a gripping adventure that will take them to places beyond their greatest dreams in an attempt to unravel the mysteries before their own lives become forfeit.

When I first picked up Fiona Ingram’s The Secret of the Sacred Scarab I did not begin to imagine the fantastical adventure I would be whisked away on. I loved the rich and vibrant characters and their portrayal, especially their close familial relationship. I found myself grinning, cringing, and releasing bated breaths as I was drawn into a tale that could be straight from The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. Majestic  descriptions make imagining the land easy.  If you have never been to Egypt you’ll get an amazing feel for the sights and atmosphere, and if you have, like myself, you’ll find a vividness in the writing that will stir memories from your own experiences there. There’s action, danger, secrets, and a mystery just begging to be solved. Without a doubt a griping and amazing read whether you’re old or young. The Secret of the Sacred Scarab gets my heartfelt recommendation. I can’t wait until my son is a few years older and we can read this gripping tale together.

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Book review: Alterni by Sunshine Somerville (@kynacoba )

Esme was trapped, locked in a room with nine very different versions of herself. None of reviewwhom seemed to have the faintest idea what was happening. There was but one constant, they were all her, and yet each one was different. When released from her prison she saw something in the eyes of those who gazed upon her, recognition. The Order, the people responsible for bringing her to this alternate reality, have been keeping a secret from the people of their world. A dangerous secret. Beings from another plane called the Malevolenci had discovered a means to open rifts into their world, and had been doing so for eighty generations. They invade, killing thousands, and this world’s own conjuri are powerless to close the their tears in the universe. Only an alterni can sense them, and only they can close these rifts. But this is not the first time someone looking to be her has attempted such a thing. Eight came before her to fight beside the king. Will she be just another victim in an endless war, or can she do what those before her had failed to? Find out in Sunshine Somerville’s Alterni (The Alt-World Chronicles Book 1)
It is rare for me to be so quickly taken in by a book, but there is just something about Sunshine Somerville’s writing style that reels you in. Time flies as you effortless turn page after page learning more about the alternative world, its culture, people, magic, and the threat and hardships it faces. The characters are instantly likeable and are moulded by their own experiences. They are complex, fallible, flawed, and amazing, each in their own right with their own strengths. Alterni (The Alt-World Chronicles Book 1) shows magnificent world building, structure, and storytelling, all of which add to a sense of realism behind the fantasy plot. I rarely recommend books, but this is one book that gets my unquestioning recommendation to anyone looking for a good read. Alterni is filled with suspense, action, intrigue, heartbreak, magic, conflict, mystery and so much more, all while taking you on a thrilling journey of growth and change. There are a lot of subtle touches and unexpected revelations, this is a book that will not leave you wanting. It has definitely made its way into my top personal ten books for this year. I can’t wait to see where book two takes us. This is a series I am genuinely excited about. Well done Sunshine Somerville!

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Book review: The Maker by D. F. Anderson

A separation and then divorce is difficult enough for any child, but for a new man to be reviewabruptly inserted to Nate’s life as his new ‘dad’ was too much. Then came the mysterious parcel, the visions, the graphic drawings transferred from mind to page in terrifying reality. Not to mention the strange behaviour of his mother. Nate loved his dad, but it had been months since anyone had heard from him. He was  a neuroscientist, but like his son he had a passion for art. But there’s something  about Nate’s drawing that see him something desperately needed by the people of Meer. Abducted from his home in a white flurry he finds himself whisked across the stars to stand before Wishnal. This figure seems to know something of his father, but there’s no  time for  answers, an attack is imminent and Nate, it seems, is their only  hope, but he still has much to learn.

This book  is awesome! Vibrant and  energetic characters living in an amazingly  designed world. Meer put  me in mind of The Grove from Guild Wars 2, the use of plants to create homes, furnishing etc. I considered D. F. Anderson’s The Maker a fantasy/ Sci-fi with some parts making me think of Lovecraft, The Neverending Story, and a little bit A Monster Calls, as well as many great children’s fantasy both on screen and page. This book gets something I rarely give, and that’s my whole hearted recommendation. It may be labelled a children as book, and it will certainly inspire and engage that audience, but it also possesses great value as an adult read, after all, adults need magic and wonder too. In short, great writing style, brilliant ideas, gripping plot, funny to read  basically The Maker is everything you could want in a book.

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Book review: Venators: Through The Arch by Devri Walls

Venators: Through the Arch is a supernatural / epic fantasy written by author Devri Walls

There’s no such thing as vampires, and werewolves are a tale spun from the imagination 41jctselyrl-_sy346_of authors. The supernatural does not exist. At least that is what Rune thought, hoped. Yet every time she saw something portraying this mystical nature her body instinctively responded. She wanted to act. She knew something was missing in her life, but she just didn’t know what. There was another person like her, an old school friend by the name of Grey. Unlike Rune he didn’t suppress his desire, his thirst for knowledge on all creatures thought myth. He poured tirelessly over books, his obsession forcing him to become an outcast. But he knew something the others didn’t. The tales were true. The creatures were real. He had seen them with his own eyes. Years ago his paths had crossed with Tate, someone from another realm, a person to whom he owed his life. Their meeting was anything but accidental. Tate had been searching for someone just like him. But at the time he had been too young, and he had needed to choose wisely. The fate of his realm depended on the decision he made. The council, since separating their world from that the Venators resided in, had grown corrupt, wanting more power, more loyalty. But with the rising of a new and powerful nemesis the only way they can keep the reigns of control is to employ those their people most fear. The Venators. They must bend them to their will, display their talents as a fear stoking trophy of their supremacy. Tate could not let this be, his choice of which two Venators to return to his world could be catastrophic. He had to hope, pray, they would not fall to the councils’ manipulation. The two he chose, Rune and Grey, face a hard decision, to work for the people, the innocents being victimised, or protect their own lives by conforming to the councils’ desire.

I will hail Davri Walls’ talent with four simple words. I loved this book. These words I do not utter lightly. This tale has everything that makes an epic fantasy great. I was hooked from the first paragraph. The manner in which the tale is spun is magic itself. I loved the characters, the hardships, the pressure, both real and imagined, and their own personal journeys through the tale’s progression. Brilliantly written to invoke the perfect balance between descriptive writing and imagination as a new realm, thought only fable, is brought to life, everything from the magisterially pure to the hauntingly dark. There is much to this world, and Rune and Grey must learn to understand it, and its ways, quickly. As a huge fan of fantasy works I highly recommend Venators: Through the Arch, it won’t leave you wanting for anything, except for the second book in the series. This book gets my highest possible praises, it is a masterpiece, well deserving of five stars.


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Venators: Through the Arch

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Book review: What I love about Dublin by Amanda Laneley

What I love about Dublin is due for release on October 15th, and I warn you, it is an addictive, engrossing, contemporary romance. I was thrilled to be approached by the author Amanda Laneley  who asked if I would be interested in reading a pre-release copy.

Sara has fled to Dublin, escaping the life she was being forced into. It had always been her plan to travel, to see the world 512cknyqoglwith nothing more than a pack on her back. But it seemed her life had already been mapped out, and her dreams were not taken into account. When a temporary position in Dublin was offered to her she left, never looking back. Nursing a broken heart the last thing she wanted was to find herself interested in another man, worse still, she was only permitted to stay her current lodgings on the understanding that under no circumstances can room mates date. What she feels is confusing, passionate, and undeniable, but each time she allows herself a moment of surrender fate intervenes. Misunderstandings, jealousy, and strife fill the household, threatening her chance of true happiness and creating the very atmosphere the rule intended to avoid.

This is not a book to be taken lightly. The minute I started reading I was hooked, in fact, this is one of the few books that has kept me up into the early hours of the morning. I read it in a single sitting, and that sitting finished just after 3am, despite the fact I knew I had a 7am start. What I Love About Dublin is filled with charisma and passion, not only between the characters, but in the writing itself. There are scenes which took my breath away, and others which gave rise to powerful emotions, frustration, sadness, joy and even heartache. I adored the characters, their interactions, and, of course, the setting. This book is everything a good romance should be, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

What I love about Dublin is due for release on October 15th, but don’t despair, you can pre-order a copy now here’s the book link:

What I Love about Dublin

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Book review: Displaced by Stephen Drake

Displaced is a dystopian, fantasy sci-fi written by Stephen Drake and is the first book in 12380247_442507529266888_660139500_nthe Displaced series.

Murdock’s upbringing was considered anything but normal to the masses, raised by his father and uncle he was taught to hunt, to be a survivor. When he awakes on a distant planet he knows these skills will be tested to their fullest. He, and the others in the transport pod, had been rejected. They served no purpose, had no value, to Earth’s new masters. Stranded on a world where survival skills should be the only real currency there are those who crave power above all else and will stop at nothing to obtain it. One such man is Whittier, and he knows all too well how dangerous a man like Murdock can be to his plans. He would rather cast him out than lose control. On a new and dangerous world, where humans are not the apex predator, loyalty is paramount, and survival is not a given. The people here must get their priorities straight if they plan to survive.

I have to say I really loved this book, a phrase I never utter lightly. The characters are magnificent, the plot is gripping, engaging, and casts a light on humanity at its best and worst. Stephen Drake creates an imaginative world wrought with danger and peril, yet humans seem to be the thing to fear most. The author’s style is immersive, filled with great dialogue and breath-taking descriptions. A truly brilliant book for lovers of fantasy and sci-fi. I personally will be eagerly awaiting more work from this talented author.

This is certainly a book I would recommend.

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Book Review: Dusk and Summer by Joseph Pinto

Dusk and Summer by Joseph Pinto is a beautiful heart warming story. Written in the first dusk and summerperson narrative and combining tragedy with seeds of urban fantasy. It follows the heartbreaking tale of a son sent on a final request from his father, as he lies dying. “Find me from Tolten.” This last adventure is one of discovery, a son recalling and remembering the greatness of his father during his journey, gaining new insight into the man he loved and respected and one needed as much by the son as the father. But there was more to his father than he realised, and mysteries which may never be explained.

Joseph Pinto knows how to write pain. He is an expert at bringing to life vivid and heart-wrenching emotions in a way a reader cannot help but feel the grief of the main character. His pain is yours to share. Dusk and Summer beautifully portrays a father son relationship, from hero worship to deep respect. The finally crafted imagery  is pure poetry casting a spell of beauty over a tragic, yet magical tale. This book is about loss and captures it in a pure and real form. It is a truly amazing read.

This is one book I highly recommend, touching, engrossing and magical. As an added incentive Joseph Pinto will be donating a portion of the proceeds from this book to the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research. I myself have already gifted a copy to someone I know will enjoy it.

Book links

UK: Dusk and Summer

US: Dusk and Summer


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Book review: Battle of the Bannockburn: The Saga of Thistles and Roses (The Warrior Queen Book 3) by Karen Gray

Karen Gray remains to date my favourite author, and that is not a position I offer to just anyone. I find Karen’s work to be the very essence of fantasy at its best. She brings to life 51fpuMb7leL._SX345_BO1,204,203,200_an enormous cast of characters, each with depth, backstory, and involved history. The stories themselves are emotionally gripping, full of twists, unexpected revelations and not to mention magic and creatures thought to be only legend. Karen easily creates a full and complete world, inclusive of strife, and it is a world that just becomes more engrossing with every turn of the page.

It took a few days for me to read cover to cover and I was once more left in awe of this author’s skill.

Book three, whilst progressing with the main story arc also Continue reading “Book review: Battle of the Bannockburn: The Saga of Thistles and Roses (The Warrior Queen Book 3) by Karen Gray”