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Book review: The Revenge you Seek – Tracy Lorraine (@Tracy_L_Author)

For the past eighteen months Letty had gone through Hell. She had worked her whole life for a place in Columbia only to have it snatched from her as her life fell apart at the seams. MKU was meant to be a fresh start, a way to recapture just a fragment of herself and the future she had once chased. Returning home was always going to be challenging, but when she reconnected with old friends she thinks maybe, just maybe, this could be a turning point. Then he shows up. Kane Legend. The boy who has made it his life’s purpose to destroy her. He succeeded once, and his vow of revenge is still thrumming in his veins. He wants to make her suffer like never before. This was meant to be his fresh start too, and there she was, destroying his life again.

The Revenge you Seek by Tracy Lorraine is a deeply dark and engaging college bully romance. From the onset you are drawn straight to Letty, her guarded pain, her unseen suffering as she fights for a new start, weary and uncertain. You can’t help but feel for her as she reconnects with old friends, only to come face to face with her tormenter. I went through a range of emotions with Kane, from outrage to understanding. Cruel and twisted, he hates and loves her. she is everything he despises, everything he could never have, and he wants nothing more than to tear her down and show her what she really is, a dirty, little whore. This book was simply brilliant. Engaging, hot, steamy, violent, dangerous and thrilling. I can’t wait for the next book. This has definitely earned a place on my recommended reads list.

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