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Book review: The Deception you Weave -Tracy Lorraine

Letty knew secrets were going to destroy her, but this one had come closer than any other to taking everything from her. When she’d finally told Kane, it hadn’t come out the way she’d meant it to. She’d kept this card close, it had almost killed her once, and now fate was destined to repeat itself. No sooner had she told him, Kane fled. Hours later she’s in the hospital, praying he survives the crash her revelation caused. She thought he’d hated her before he found out the truth, but now the depth of his anger knows no bounds. He wants to destroy her, and its possible he could do exactly that.

The Deception you Weave by Tracy Lorraine is the second book in the Maddison Kings University series, and I have been waiting eagerly for this book to come out. I have to confess I devoured this book. I was so drawn into it that the world could have crashed down around me and I wouldn’t have noticed. I loved the continuation of Letty and Kane’s story, you can feel the passion and hatred, the pure and raw emotion of every page as it sucks you in and refuses to let go. Even when the book is over you’re desperate for more. Book three is on my waiting list ready for its release. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

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