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Book review: Little Girls Sleeping – Jennifer Chase (@JChaseNovelist)

Katie wasn’t sure of her place when she left the army. Her previous employment 51p3FtytsBL._SY346_and her familial connections meant she at least had some time to find out. Working as an admin was different to the action-packed life she had been used to. It wasn’t long, however, before a cold case revived a ghost from the past. The abandoned case of Chelsea Compton brought back the memories of her own friend, Jenny. Returning from war is never easy, but her nightmares were altering, now the ghost of her friend was asking her to find the truth, to discover what became of that little girl, and when Katie decides to do something, nothing and no one can stop her. One thing is certain, the connections she is making haven’t been seen before. She fears if she doesn’t find the person responsible soon another life will be lost, especially given what she uncovers.

I have to say Jennifer Chase’s Little Girls Sleeping is one of the most inspired crime thrillers I have ever read. I love how I was not only taken by the hand into Katie’s life, but how we are forced to enter the mind of a serial killer, a person who, like every good antagonist, is the hero of their own story. There has been so much attention and thought woven into the telling that every aspect of this book is perfect in its own right. Trials and hardships of everyday life mingle with unspoken insecurities and past regrets to drive Katie to see things and understand things overlooked by others. She is an amazing character, strong and vivid. I didn’t want to put this book down, and I certainly want to discover more titles by this author. Jennifer Chase is truly a master of this genre and succeeded in making me fully invest in their book. Without a doubt, Little Girls Sleeping gets my whole-hearted recommendation.


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Book review: The Quest – Karina Kantas (@KarinaKantas )

Thya had left it all behind and had a new life on Earth. Part of her wanted to remain, to reviewstay safe. She wanted to have a life with Alex, to be a great mother, to keep him safe. So when the crystal began to glow, warning a Tsinian had come to Earth, the feared the Senx would be close behind. She knew what she had to do, she had to leave, to ensure her son’s safety and that of her people. If one of them was here, it meant there was trouble. In her return she had expected to meet with danger and conflict, not for the battle to already be lost and her people in hiding. Kovon had conquered her home. In order to liberate her people, she must undertake a perilous journey and discover some truths she had never imagined possible. In order to succeed, she must make some difficult decisions and complete the quest put before her. To fail, is lose everything.

The Quest is the second book in Karina Kantas’ Illusional Reality Series. The plot focuses on the trials and difficulties of Thya, and the strength of will, heart, and bonds she has formed. The Quest is written in a compelling third-person narrative which draws you in from the start and refuses to let go. The plot progresses at a steady pace and, whilst it is book 2 in the series, all the required information is presented to ensure it works perfectly as stand alone. Heartache, difficult choices, and revelations are paramount in this journey of self-discovery as Thya attempts to do what is expected of her by her people. Monsters and magic combine with hardships and action to deliver an enjoyable and engaging fantasy.

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Book review: Enlightened – Billie Kowalewski (@Enlightened31 )

Harmony is a student at the best school known in existence. It teaches life lessons and reviewexperiences. This school is known as Earth. Classes are sent to experience different lives, and learn from them. But while they are there they don’t know any of this, they are simply living. This absence of recollection is thanks to the barrier. It keeps their real life separate from their class life. Harmony, however, has found a way to bring things thought with her, subtle things like a suggestion. When she shares her method with the class, and she is asked to prove it, something strange begins to happen. A string of accidental deaths centring around the experiment cause herself and Kaleb to repeatedly die as their paths collide. Is this a result of the experiment, or is there something more to these strange events?

Enlightened by Billie Kowalewski is a fascinating read. I loved how this book gave a possible explanation for past life memory in our world, and gave a brilliant purpose to reincarnation. The thought that we are each on Earth to learn something and return to a more whole being, who is a sum of all our experiences, is something I have encountered before, but it has been rarely executed in fiction, and never in this manner. I loved the characters, they were complex, deep, and real. Each one faces their own challenges on both Earth and in their reality. The bonds and relationships are well developed, and it is evident a lot of hard work and consideration has been involved in ensuring the story flows seamlessly. It has been well-executed, especially since it covers multiple lives and deaths of Harmony, and is done in such a manner that it remains clear and concise. This is aided by the alternating narrative, from Harmony addressing you, the reader, personally, to her recounting the tales of her experience. Romance, tension, questions, and frustrations are enhanced by the journey of friendship and discovery in this compelling tale. I will certainly be interested to see where book two in this series leads.RF_Official_ReviewerBook link:



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Book review: Piggybacker – Mikki Noble (@missmikkinoble )

Marley had no idea what had happened. It was the first anniversary of her father’s reviewdeath, and life was starting to feel almost normal again. Then she was accused of trying to kill herself. She had no memories of that day, but she knew with certainty this could not be true. She would never try to take her own life. The wounds, the evidence, all seemed to point to the contrary. To add insult to injury, when she was placed in the ‘mental hospital’ to recover she started to go insane. She kept hearing a voice. A boy called Gavin begged for her help. In seven days his life would end, permanently. He was already dead, but she could help bring him back. His death had has been special, executed by a Limbonian. If she could find the five items needed their special bond would allow him to return. He is a piggybacker, able to live off her soul for seven days, but if this time elapses he has no hope of return. The closer Marley gets the more questions she has, what will happen if she fails to meet the deadline, what happened on that day, and why does someone seem intent to stop her succeeding. Continue reading “Book review: Piggybacker – Mikki Noble (@missmikkinoble )”

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Book review: Borrego Moon – Kat Drennan (@KatDrennan )

Years had passed since Alex had removed himself from Lily’s life. She had made reviewsomething of herself. She was a hot-shot lawyer, and one of the partners in the firm was actively seeking her hand in marriage. He had proposed, but she had been unable to give an answer. When a body was uncovered back in her hometown it opened a lot of doors to the past, and gave her just the excuse she needed to get away. On the night she and Alex had broken up, her sister had gone missing, and was presumed dead. Her mother refused to believe it, in hope to get closure Lily returns to her childhood home to find it in ruins, but she is determined to salvage what she can. It seems Alex too has his own restoration in mind. He has never forgotten her. He wants to rebuild his life, but a secret from Lily’s past refuses to let her trust him. Continue reading “Book review: Borrego Moon – Kat Drennan (@KatDrennan )”

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Book Review: Blood Relic – Lucretia Stanhope @DianaS58

Alice had been clear. She did not want to be used by the PPK’s military. She detested the part of herself capable of killing. She would not be their killer. But when witches started showing up, used and tossed aside, something had to be done. reviewThere was talk of an ancient magic, blood relics, and in order to stop the body count continuing to rise there was no choice but to act. Can her own special magic lure out those responsible, and is she prepared to deal with the consequences? One thing is for certain, this mission has only one guarantee. From this day forth, nothing will be the same again. Continue reading “Book Review: Blood Relic – Lucretia Stanhope @DianaS58”

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Marketing: Building a Customer Profile – Part Two – Behaviour


In my previous article we began to put together a customer profile of your reader based on demographic, that is to say, location, age, and gender. But as an author you know such basic information is only the first part in character creation. To continue to build a profile of our customer we next need to look at how they behave. Understanding this shows us where and how we should be looking to reach them.

We could have the most amazing advertising campaign, but if it is appearing in the wrong places and not being seen by our intended audience then it is failing to generate leads, interest, and custom.
Continue reading “Marketing: Building a Customer Profile – Part Two – Behaviour”

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How many books have you read today?

Hi everyone.

Anyone who follows me will have just seen a large influx of book reviews. Sadly, I haven’t conjured a small pocket dimension where I can sit and read while no time passes in the real world. I am still working on it though.

As a Readers’ Favorite reviewer, I am often given ARC copies of books. For books not yet on the shelf I often draft a post for when the books get published. As things were a bit hectic last year with the death of my Nan, I didn’t keep track on Amazon as to whether a book I had read had been released. Since I have a few moments today I thought I would just check and attach links to all the reviews and get them out there.

Think of it as my own version of spring cleaning.

I still have a few books in my drafts waiting for release, and look forward to sharing them with you later.

All the best, and keep reading x


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Book review: Mo Robinson – Game of Twins

Suzanne Delacroix was born to investigate homicide. She excelled through the ranks of the police force reviewby her own merit and was dubbed the Tigress. She had only been sick once before, during one horrific night at a frat party, but the triple murder of the Monroe twins and their mother brought that night back to the forefront of her mind. Her reaction was so intense she handed in her resignation and fled to the beach for some solitude. But she couldn’t stay away for long, the murder gnawed at her, and soon she finds herself drawn back, uncovering links and secrets she would have never imagined.

Mo Robinson brings lovers of murder, mystery and paranormal something to really sink their teeth into in their thrilling and enticing book, Game of Twins. With each chapter being clearly labelled with the date and correlation to critical events navigating a complex timeline spanning many years is made surprisingly easy. Packed with action, adventure, murder, sex, mystery, and a game spanning back decades. Mia and Suzanne make some brilliant lead characters, well developed and rounded they each find themselves pursuing the truth, a truth which leads them to unexpected revelations and their supporting cast not only enhance their characters, but bring their own something special to events, be it antagonism, doubt, difficulties, or support. There is so much to love about this book, from vivid scene setting, to the delicate threads of character plot, history, and settings woven throughout. This really is a well-rounded and tight story. From the very start to the final page you’ll find yourself gripped by this immersive and well-constructed story.


Book link:



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Book review: Jeff Altabef – Devil’s Den (@JeffAltabef ) 5star

Steve’s mother saw demons, and now he does too. Returning home in the hope to reviewdiscover answers he soon finds himself on a mission that will bring him closer to the truth than he could imagine. He has spent years battling demons, both figurative and literal ones, but he finally came home, only to receive an almost perfectly timed plea for help. His ex’s daughter, Megan, has been abducted, and lacking the funds to pay the police she reaches desperately to the one person she thinks could be of help. He will move Heaven and Hell to see it through, better yet, they should know their place and step aside. Nothing will stop him, not the demons who hunt him, not his doubts, not even the fact his enemies seem to remain one step ahead of him. Megan is just another number in a string of disappearances orchestrated by The Farm, they brainwash their subjects into compliance and preach religion, but their agenda is a little more sinister.

Devil’s Den is the first book in Jeff Altabef’s, A Nephilim Thriller and what a first book it is. You’re immediately pulled into the distorted world of Steven, a place of political hierarchy, districts and, of course, demons. You can’t help but love Steve’s no nonsense attitude. Tempered by life and experiences he is a firm believer in actions speaking louder than words, especially when said actions make people confess, and he had the stomach and the attitude needed to get things done. Nothing and no one will stop him. Devil’s Den possesses an intensely gripping narrative with vivid descriptions, striking characters, and a plot that sinks its claws so deep you may end up scarred for life. It is impossible to put down, you just have to know what is happening, you need to see the bigger picture, and when you do you may wish you’d had the foresight to avert your gaze.

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