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On the 2nd day of advent K.J. recommends to me….

Every day on the run up to Christmas I am going to recommend a book that I truly enjoyed reading.

On the 2nd day of Christmas K.J’s advent recommends;


Displaced by Stephen Drake (Twitter @sldrakemt )

Humanity at its best and worst laid bare for all to see in this brilliant fantasy sci-fi .

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Please note: this is something I am doing in recognition of the books I have enjoyed. The authors do not know they have been selected, and have in no way asked to participate. I receive no form of profit from these recommendations.

author, book review, reading, Recommended Books

Book review: Displaced by Stephen Drake

Displaced is a dystopian, fantasy sci-fi written by Stephen Drake and is the first book in 12380247_442507529266888_660139500_nthe Displaced series.

Murdock’s upbringing was considered anything but normal to the masses, raised by his father and uncle he was taught to hunt, to be a survivor. When he awakes on a distant planet he knows these skills will be tested to their fullest. He, and the others in the transport pod, had been rejected. They served no purpose, had no value, to Earth’s new masters. Stranded on a world where survival skills should be the only real currency there are those who crave power above all else and will stop at nothing to obtain it. One such man is Whittier, and he knows all too well how dangerous a man like Murdock can be to his plans. He would rather cast him out than lose control. On a new and dangerous world, where humans are not the apex predator, loyalty is paramount, and survival is not a given. The people here must get their priorities straight if they plan to survive.

I have to say I really loved this book, a phrase I never utter lightly. The characters are magnificent, the plot is gripping, engaging, and casts a light on humanity at its best and worst. Stephen Drake creates an imaginative world wrought with danger and peril, yet humans seem to be the thing to fear most. The author’s style is immersive, filled with great dialogue and breath-taking descriptions. A truly brilliant book for lovers of fantasy and sci-fi. I personally will be eagerly awaiting more work from this talented author.

This is certainly a book I would recommend.

Amazon link:


author, book review, reading, Recommended Books

Book review: Battle of the Bannockburn: The Saga of Thistles and Roses (The Warrior Queen Book 3) by Karen Gray

Karen Gray remains to date my favourite author, and that is not a position I offer to just anyone. I find Karen’s work to be the very essence of fantasy at its best. She brings to life 51fpuMb7leL._SX345_BO1,204,203,200_an enormous cast of characters, each with depth, backstory, and involved history. The stories themselves are emotionally gripping, full of twists, unexpected revelations and not to mention magic and creatures thought to be only legend. Karen easily creates a full and complete world, inclusive of strife, and it is a world that just becomes more engrossing with every turn of the page.

It took a few days for me to read cover to cover and I was once more left in awe of this author’s skill.

Book three, whilst progressing with the main story arc also Continue reading “Book review: Battle of the Bannockburn: The Saga of Thistles and Roses (The Warrior Queen Book 3) by Karen Gray”


Book review – Angel’s Blood by Sallyann Phillips

As you may have seen me mentioning a few times, my favourite book of 2014 was, without a doubt, Angels Blood by Sallyann Phillips.  But what made this book my favourite?

As a teenager I loved the work of L.J. Smith but as with teenage fiction you get to a point where you outgrow it. Truth be told since that point I have tried multiple paranormal, vampire, supernatural style books but I had never found that instant connection, until now.  I found this book rekindled the same emotions and enjoyment for me as an adult which L.J. Smith’s work did for me as a child, with the added bonus of the writing style being such that I have no concern of outgrowing.

I adore the writing style of this author. I have always loved a story with strong characters which drive a plot forwards, in fact characters and character development make or break a story for me.  I found myself really enjoying the exchange between them, and yes I grinned with them and I have no shame in saying there was even one point in the story I found myself shedding tears, all three times I read it.  (Yes I have read it three times, twice of which was this year.)  The characters are well-thought out and deep, each possessing their own, very real personality. The creation and interactions between them so expertly done you feel like these characters are your friends and you passionately root for them.

But enough about the characters, attempting not to including any spoilers to the plot.  The story follows the protagonist Tavi as she struggles to cope with the recent loss of her father, but in her attempt to ensure her safety finds herself forced into a life which her mother tried so desperately to protect her from. Worse still, her arrival at Camden Falls starts a chain of events that span back countless years, tracing back to before her birth. As she learns more about her history, her origins, she is compelled to put an end to the trouble which links back to the reason her mother so desperately tried to protect her from the life she is trying to embrace.

I found the plot well conceived and gripping,  moving forwards at the perfect pace.  The author introduces a new origin myth for vampires and werewolves which is truly inspired.  The story leaves the reader wanting more and I eagerly await the second book in this compelling series, in fact I can quite confidently say this author has a fan for life.

I honestly believe this work eclipses some of the writings of well-known authors in this genre. I believe given the opportunity Angels Blood could go all the way to the big screen, or at the very least have a TV series.  The reasoning behind my belief, other than the fact this work is brilliant and enjoyable, follows on from the popularity of Vampire Diaries, True blood, Being Human and other such popular series and that’s not even touching films.  I feel the work fills a gap in the genre, there is already so much on the market about vampires, why not now embrace a brilliantly written werewolf focused plot which crosses carefully into vampire terrain in a well-executed manner.

I hope you will pick up a copy for yourself and leave a review on Amazon.

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