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Book review: Empire High: Elite – Ivy Smoak (@IvySmoakAuthor)

Her mother had kept Brooklyn’s father identity a secret, so had her uncle, and with just cause. The family was toxic, poison. Kidnapped from her uncle’s funeral Brooklyn is thrust into a world most girls could only dream about, except everything about her situation screams nightmare. Sure there’s money, but she never cared for that. She only ever wanted to be happy, and in the prison that has become her life such an emotion seems not only out of reach but a completely alien concept. She was never going to fit into this world and the one person she thought she could rely on seemed content to sit in silence with a front row seat to her suffering. Confused, grieving, and lonely, she seeks comfort only to find herself pushing people further away as her life crumbles around her. Can she survive the nest of vipers, and who in her life can be the antivenom, the rock, she so desperately needs?

Ivy Smoak’s Empire High, Elite, is out and last and I can’t believe I read it all in one sitting and now have to wait until January. January! It’s cruel and inhumane making us wait. I tried so hard not to read it, to give myself a chance to reduce the wait time, but Ivy really plays with temptation (and I don’t mean the book from her Hunted series) I swear, her books are the reason gags were invented, so let this be a warning to those unsuspecting fools who try to speak to anyone who is reading her work. I literally shut myself in the bedroom for the day and read none stop. I loved this latest edition to the series, it truly was a rollercoaster of emotion from frustration and sadness, to outrage and elation. I can’t say much more than if you haven’t read one of Ivy Smoak’s books, then you’re missing out. No one weaves a twisted tale wrought with emotion quite like Ivy.

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