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Book review: Danny Bell – Playing Dead (@ElanaRuthBlack)

Chalsarda has a past darker and more haunted than most, but the past was behind her. Now she could look to the future, or she could, until history came knocking. The very person who betrayed her strikes at her weakness again, this time threatening the life of her apprentice unless she does something for him. To save Ann she must do exactly what he says and take down a battleborn. Easier said than done. These beings are, as their name suggests, born for battle, and she is not the only one hunting this quarry. For Ann she must find a way to overcome her competitors without losing herself or the person she cares for. Failure is not an option, victory is not assured, and so the quest begins.

Playing Dead by Danny Bell is a race against time fantasy filled with action, adventure, and magic. While it is the third book in The Black Pages series book in the series,  having not read the others I can confidently state it works perfectly as a stand-alone read. The characters are well developed and vivid and Chalsarda’s quest it an entertaining journey that delves into her past and her acceptance of her newfound freedom and all that entails. I enjoyed the atmosphere conjured by the easy flowing writing which made it an extremely difficult book to put down. An enjoyable read, beginning to end.

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