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Book Review: Blood Relic – Lucretia Stanhope @DianaS58

Alice had been clear. She did not want to be used by the PPK’s military. She detested the part of herself capable of killing. She would not be their killer. But when witches started showing up, used and tossed aside, something had to be done. reviewThere was talk of an ancient magic, blood relics, and in order to stop the body count continuing to rise there was no choice but to act. Can her own special magic lure out those responsible, and is she prepared to deal with the consequences? One thing is for certain, this mission has only one guarantee. From this day forth, nothing will be the same again.

I absolutely adored Lucretia Stanhope’s Blood Relic. I somehow missed a book, something I intend to rectify, but regardless of this it works brilliantly as stand alone. I loved the complicated relationships that were penned with such passion and expertise they reach into you. Something so simple, can send butterflies through your stomach as you read. Danger lurks at every corner, and passion runs high. Threat, fear, and a drive to succeed push Alice through life-threatening encounters on a journey of self discovery and acceptance. This is a must-read for lovers of supernatural. The romance and passion will set your heart aflutter while the danger leaves you clinging to the edge of your seat.

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Marketing: Building a Customer Profile – Part Two – Behaviour


In my previous article we began to put together a customer profile of your reader based on demographic, that is to say, location, age, and gender. But as an author you know such basic information is only the first part in character creation. To continue to build a profile of our customer we next need to look at how they behave. Understanding this shows us where and how we should be looking to reach them.

We could have the most amazing advertising campaign, but if it is appearing in the wrong places and not being seen by our intended audience then it is failing to generate leads, interest, and custom.
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How many books have you read today?

Hi everyone.

Anyone who follows me will have just seen a large influx of book reviews. Sadly, I haven’t conjured a small pocket dimension where I can sit and read while no time passes in the real world. I am still working on it though.

As a Readers’ Favorite reviewer, I am often given ARC copies of books. For books not yet on the shelf I often draft a post for when the books get published. As things were a bit hectic last year with the death of my Nan, I didn’t keep track on Amazon as to whether a book I had read had been released. Since I have a few moments today I thought I would just check and attach links to all the reviews and get them out there.

Think of it as my own version of spring cleaning.

I still have a few books in my drafts waiting for release, and look forward to sharing them with you later.

All the best, and keep reading x


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Top book review blogs 2019

Greetings everyone.

Awesome news. My blog, K.J’s Athenaeum, is included in the 2019 top review blogs! I am truly honoured to be included in this list.

As you may know, I am never without a book in hand, and a majority of the time these are books published by indie authors. I always work hard to provide spoiler free and engaging reviews of the books I have read.

The Ranked blogs’ list is created by User Generated Content, so if you run a blog or know someone who does, why not recommend them for the appropriate category? It’s also a great tool to find people with similar interests and build your community.

While you’re there, if you’ve been enjoying my reviews I would be really grateful if you’d vote for my blog in the top book review blogs category, you can get there by clicking on the button below. You can also find numerous other book review blogs that may pique your interest. 

Let’s get K.J’s Athenaeum on the map, and extend the reach of indie books.

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Book review: Making History – Bruce Polky

At the age of six, you are given a PAD. This piece of technology is integrated into your life, reviewyou can do nothing without it. They never fail, they never go faulty. Or at least that’s what they would have you believe. There was one chip distributed that was faulty, but they would never admit this, and since it is designed to cover any faults it cannot be proved. Dav was unfortunate to have been issued such a device, leaving him no choice but to pursue less than lawful means. He never expected the consequences of his actions would be so grand, and the truth that had been concealed from everyone would be so vast. What most people thought was truth and knowledge for all, was in fact carefully filtered propaganda designed at keeping them in place. Things are about to change.

Making History by Bruce Polky is an entertaining and gripping science fiction filled with technology, brilliant ideas, and great world/universe building. The characters are complex, intriguing, and evolving. It is written in a compelling narrative which makes it difficult to put down. I particularly liked the alternative history chapters where we learn about how things came to be, from the first idea of sharing knowledge and beyond. These snippets made an interesting intermission which further enhanced the flow of the story and builds upon the information we had already been given. This was a really enjoyable read, and will be highly appealing to lovers of sci-fi.

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Marketing: Building a Customer Profile – Part One – Demographic

In my last article I wrote a brief explanation about Traditional and Digital Marketing, and what would be potentially more beneficial for an author. I touched on one of the most important cornerstones in marketing, knowing who your customer is. (On that note, I am still collecting data to help you with the baseline of this, so if you haven’t filled in the survey yet here’s the link and don’t be afraid to pass it on)

This time, I thought I would discus how you build a customer profile. I have always been a firm believer in writing for yourself, not what trend dictates is popular, but does that mean my customer base is limited to just me? No. There are a vast sea of people out there who will enjoy reading the same things I do, and in order for me to get my book in front of them understanding who they are is essential.

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Let’s talk book Marketing!

Hi everyone.

Those of you who frequent my blog may have noticed a minor change in the form of a new menu, Articles, which possess two subsections; Digital Marketing, and Writing Tips

Here you will not only easily find any useful tips I share going forward, but also information on marketing. (No, I am not trying to sell you any services)

I am taking a course in marketing, and I am finding it really useful. So I thought I would interpret and share the knowledge and focusing it on the dreaded book marketing platform. Let’s be honest, we love writing, but most of us don’t like the marketing side. I am hoping this may help. Continue reading “Let’s talk book Marketing!”

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Book review: A Halloween’s Curse by C.A. King (@PortalProphecy)

Willow and her friends have a lot to learn. Forced to flee their home world they ended reviewup on Earth, a place with unfamiliar customs and technology. But none of that is really a concern, not when they consider the danger faced by the people here as King Cornelius advances his plan to dominate every realm. Some he wants to destroy, others, like this one, he wants to control. Worse still, Mike is still missing, and Halloween, the time marked by the next prophecy approaches. Can Willow successfully interpret the prophecies and stem the approaching dangers?

Something that shouldn’t walk this realm is loose, and it’s sights are set on those with power, but is it behind the disappearances of those with magic,  or is something more sinister afoot?

This is the fourth book I have read by this author, so it seems time to admit that I am now a fan. The fact I’ve just purchased book three in this series, and eagerly scan through her other works is a testament to her ability to weave a story. The characters are well-developed, with magic being important but not overpowering and all encompassing. The story is plot driven, intricate, and filled with mystery. I’ve read the book that comes before this one in the series, but it could be read as stand alone as each story is contained, while part of something much larger. A must for lovers of urban fantasy, magic, and character driven and detailed plots.

Book link:

A Halloween’s Curse

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Book review: Isobel by Aden James

  • Steve, AKA Laz, had been a firefighter for countless years. It was a job he loved, a reviewprofession he was proud of. Over his years he had seen many horrors, but he tried his best not to bring them home. But sometimes there isn’t a choice, sometimes things stay forefront in your mind, and others they simply cling to you and refuse to let go. There was something about the woman in that crash, and perhaps a reason she followed him everywhere she went. She had died, and since her death the strangest feeling had been following him, it was something which only grew worse. After one fateful night his views on everything he thought he knew were turned askew, something evil was drawn to him, somehow he needed to free himself of this burden before it harmed him, or worse still, someone else.

One of the first thing you’ll notice when you delve into this book is how real some of the situations feel. It can be very atmospheric, and at time tense. The author starts by smoothly and effortlessly familiarising the reader with any jargon associated with the necessary roles. As you read it is easy to see yourself stood at the scene alongside Steve, or witnessing events from the distant past. I normally don’t like first person POV, but this is yet another book that has successfully chipped away at my dislike for this perspective. The tone and style it is a written in was just so natural and fitting. Nothing about the book felt forced, and I was eager to find out what discoveries Steve would make as he sought out his own answers. This is a great read, and better yet, proceeds go to charity. A great story and a good deed in one, what more could you ask for?

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Book review: Take a Walk on the Dead Side by Jada Ryker

Even after the suicide of Macey Malloy was exposed, Amanda Sawyer continued to use reviewher identity. It was the only thing Macey had given her, and part of her wanted to hold onto it. Her father, leader of a fanatical cult, knew her whereabouts and she knew, even when she was proven innocent, the label of a murderer would always follow her. What she didn’t expect was for people in her own work place, colleagues and ‘friends’, to resort to manipulation and needless twisting of truth to get their own minutes of fame. Fortunately, Macey finds herself with a distraction, someone is stalking her intern, and she is determined to find out who.

Well written, enjoyable, light-hearted yet intensely gripping Take a Walk on the Dead Side will easily appeal to a wide audience. The characters and interactions are well scripted, with a plot that keeps you guessing until the very end. Wonderfully quirky.

Book link

Take a Walk on the Dead Side