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Book review: Maggie Cole – Roots of Vengeance (@MaggieColeAuth)

Connor had always loved for fun. Never getting attached, partying, but when he met Gia everything changed. For the first time ever he had wanted more. This woman was everything he could ever want and more. But none of it was real. It was all a lie. And he vowed never to be hurt again. As the years pass she is the one he could never forget, and suddenly she’s back in his life with a different name, but the feelings were all too familiar, and she’s involved in something she can’t turn her back on, not even for him, but none of them realise how close their worlds pass.

Roots of Vengeance is the final book in Maggie Cole’s Together We Stand series. I really loved this series and seeing the final Brooks seeking his happy every after was one hell of an adventure, one which answers every question left unanswered by the series so far. An amazing conclusion to a fantastic series, filled with emotion, complexities, and the end of secrets. An amazing read, and I’ve already got another Maggie Cole book on my read list.

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