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Book review: The Betrayal You Serve – Tracy Lorraine (@Tracy_L_Author)

Bit by bit the truth had come out, secrets revealed, until Kane was the only one left with something to hide. Except he too had been exposed, driving the woman he loved into the arms of another. He is faced with a decision that could cost him his life, but the alternative is living a life without the one thing he needs, Letty. He’s messed up, made the biggest mistakes, and looking back he can see now that it wasn’t hatred driving his raw emotions, but something else, something he’s now scared to lose. But is it too late to salvage what they could have had, and if not, will he be able to offer her the one thing she’s asked, for him to get out from Victor’s control, something which Kane knows all too well has dire consequences, after all, he used to deliver them.

The Betrayal you serve is the final book in Letty and Kane’s story and there are plenty if surprises in store. The chemistry of the book remains red hot but the stakes have changed, secrets are out and desires known. Gripping and intense, another unputdownable read that will have you wanting to skip ahead with the need to uncover what happens next. setting down, grab a drink, because you’re not going to want to blink while you read the final installment of Kane and Letty’s tale.

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