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Book review: Masks of Devotion – Maggie Cole (@MaggieColeAuth)

Kade has a secret. For years he has not been who he seemed. He’s been playing a game, getting close to bringing down the twisted hearts on a global scale. Their plans are terrifying, but more concerning is how the love of his life, the woman he was forced to leave behind, is being dragged into that world. He needs to protect her, to win her back and earn her forgiveness, the only problem is, the man she is seeing is his focus. He must keep on point, compete his mission, and yet the urge to rip her from his arms is more powerful than any urge he’s fought before. 

Masks of Devotion is the forth book in Maggie Cole’s Together we Stand series. I have to confess, I think this is the best book in the series so far, I loved complexity of Kade’s character, the turmoil of keeping such a big piece of his life secret from not only the woman he has always loved, but from those he considered family. You can feel their frustration, Gracie needing answers, Kate wishing he could give them and salvage what they once had. Ups and down, action and chaos mesh in the most gripping and dangerous ways. Fast paced, heated and fun. I live how this series continues to give more insight into the rest of the characters and fills in some blanks along the way.

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