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Book review – Hunter -Tracy Lorraine (@Tracy_L_Author)

From the moment their lips met in the close Hunter knew he was feeling things he shouldn’t for his sister’s best friend. He’d fantasised about that moment forever, but as they stepped out, he broke her heart. When a second chance came at new year he had no idea what he was about to discover. Poppy had been hiding a secret for years, a dangerous, escalating secret that seemed destined to end only one way. Her life has been crumbling, beyond the sight of onlookers. She is worn, tired, and if Preston has his way, she’ll be broken beyond repair. She can’t tell anyone, but she can make one choice, before he takes everything from her, she could seek comfort from the one man she’d never forgotten. The one who broke her heart time and time again.

Hunter is the fifth book in Tracy Lorraine’s Rosewood High Series. I swear, these books just keep getting better. Hunter and Poppy’s story was intense, dark, and filled with suspense as you’re drawn into Poppy’s life. Uncomfortable and wrong, everything she has been hiding, and her silent suffering will draw you in as you read with baited breath, fearing what could happen. I really enjoyed watching the relationship unfold between Hunter and Poppy. Intense, dark, and dramatic, this book will keep you on the edge of your seat, wondering how things will end.

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