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Book review: Fury – Tracy Lorraine (@Tracy_L_Author)

Ruby had met her step brother only once before, and he turned her world upside down. He hated her, destroyed her, only not in the way he had intended. Since that Halloween night, she had never been the same, he was under her skin, in her mind, unforgettable, but worse still, he was coming back. He hated her, hated that her mother had married his father leaving him and his mother to suffer while she got everything. When Ashton loses everyone he needs someone to blame, and who better than the ‘cheer-slut’ who ruined his life. If he has to live in hell, the least he can do is drag her down with him.

Fury is the sixth book in Tracy Lorraine’s Rosewood High series. This is yet another amazing addition to the bully romance saga as Ashton returns, dragging the fires of hell with him, ensuring that as he burns she does too. I loved the push pull, the hatred and surrender in this book as the two grow close, neither wanting to accept there could be something more than using and hatred to what they have. An emotional read with emotions laid bare and some amazing scene setting. Steamy, captivating, and intense. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

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