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Book review: Charlene A. Wilson’s Awaken

In Charlene A. Wilson’s Awaken, in the blink of an eye, James’ life had changed. While he did what was warranted, what was needed from him, he never expected the home he’d return to wouldn’t be the one he left. For him hardly any time had passed, but for everyone else, ten years had gone by while his love waited for him to return, while children aged, and the world moved on. He didn’t want to make Linda wait a minute longer. Needing to know whatever happened, whatever the future held, she would always be his, he proposed, unaware his world was about to change again. Whispers of war, the death of a queen, a banshee’s cry, and a prophecy, the future moves in strange ways, but nothing quite as jarring as the fae princess arriving at their gates and stirring in him something he had long given up on finding, the bond of an eternal mate. Not long ago he promised Linda he would love her for the rest of her life, and she is going to hold him to that vow.

Awaken is the Fourth book in Charlene A. Wilson’s Shilo Manor series. This is clearly a full and vibrant world with a rich history explored in previous books, however, aside from this feeling of missing out on the previous adventures, at no point did the fact I have not read the books cause any issues. Everything is discussed and filled in beautifully. I loved meeting the vast array of characters, each distinctive and chasing their own goals and dreams as they follow the path before them. The ever-evolving plot will keep the reader on the edge of their seat as they uncover secrets and face hardships that seem only to escalate as James tries to bring balance to heart and soul, to keep his vows and himself intact while being pulled in all directions. The challenges and struggles are brilliantly written. It’s impossible not to be pulled into the emotional turmoil and strife, that are just a small part of a larger plot. A rich and vibrant world, hosting a series of epic story arcs, plots, secrets and turmoil. There’s nothing not to love.

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