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Book review: Nikky Lee’s The Rarkyn’s Familiar. (@NikkyMLee)

Lyss had a plan. A vow of revenge. She had watched her father brutally murdered, almost lost her life herself. The only way to bring down something like that was from the inside. She had to get close enough to those responsible. What she didn’t know was destiny had its own plan for her. She trained with sword, failed with runes and magic, but her resolve never faltered. Not even when a terrible mistake by a boy she now thought of as her brother condemned her to a fate worse than death. Before madness claims her she wants to make true her pledge of revenge. But mistakes like this don’t go unnoticed. The closer she gets to the end of her time, the more she is hunted as the madness and power she fears leaves a trail those seeking to control the very application of magic can’t help but follow. Can she make it to her one chance of salvation and revenge before being lost forever? Find out in Nikky Lee’s The Rarkyn’s Familiar.

From creatures unseen in the underworld, summonings, and magic there is so much to love about Nikky Lee’s The Rarkyn’s Familiar, and one of the things I love most, is that it is book one in The Rarkyn Trilogy, meaning there is already a promise of more to come from this spectacular world and its characters, because I’m going to be honest, I NEED more. I am already addicted to this series. Even before touching on the complex characters with rich back stories and pressing motivations, this book has so much to offer the reader. I enjoyed watching the letters from one of the characters unfold, filling in the past, bringing to light new information on characters we’ve already met and how time and events twisted and changed things. As a reader all my thirsts were slaked, from complex magics, differentiating in uses and types, to wondrous lore, epic adventure, danger, and the forging of bonds. I couldn’t devour this book quickly enough. This is without a doubt an author I would recommend, and a book I have already suggested to fellow readers. It’s a gripping and gruelling adventure with truths uncovered, fates intertwined, and manipulation running rampant. A rich world, vibrant characters and an adventure that will mesmerise, bind, and captivate. I need more of these characters. I can’t wait to see where their next adventure takes them. This is the kind of book you have to own, a boon to any library.

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