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book review – Kaylin McFarren’s Annihilation (@4kaylin)

In Kaylin McFarren’s Annihilation, Hell is no place for mercy, nor to make trusted allies. Lucinda, having overthrown her father, Lucifer, seeks now to cement her leadership and become the most powerful ruler, obtaining the loyalties, or servitude of all. But what are loyalties in a realm where treachery is a virtue and betrayal a must? She is not alone in her games, there are those who plot and scheme against the new queen, while she attempts to create an unstoppable army, other forces move against her. But everything was not as it seemed. Her father has returned, hiding away until the time was right to make his move and reclaim his kingdom. He has planned everything. Everything but for one thing. Samara. The daughter of Crighton Daemonium, has a power over him he can’t explain. But will she bring salvation or ruin?

Annihilation, being the second book in Kaylin McFarren’s Gehenna series can at first seem a little disorientating. The characters clearly had a complex and involved background from the previous book, but as the story progresses important details are explained allowing readers to build a clear picture of events and trials from the previous book that brought us to the situation at hand. With a large cast of characters from the corrupted innocent to the twisted malevolent, there is certainly someone every type of reader will find a connection with. Schemes and plans will keep you guessing, waiting on tenterhooks as nefarious plans unfold and treachery, betrayal, and manipulation run rampant. It’s a combination of horror, supernatural, and romance where the forces of Hell prepare to make their move. I enjoyed how each character had their own distinctive personalities and motivations, and how their approaches differ. A love story, a power play, a quest for domination, this book has it all. Well written with clear attention to detail and scene-setting that will ensure the reader remains engaged and present through the unfolding drama.

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