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Book review: C. Vonzale Lewis’ Zealot

C. Vonzale Lewis’s Zealot, Ronald Stewart was mocking Nicole. Goading her. Sending pictures of the people he killed, people who looked like her. He was killing her in his mind over and over. Killing the innocent and announcing it to her once he’d moved on. It was torture, and she was helpless but to look. He was out there because she failed. But he was not her only issue. Nicole uncovered that the practice of blood magick on Tulare was more present than she had thought, and a contract to find and deal with those responsible was just what she needed. Except her investigations led her to the Young family. A visit to the church started more than she bargained for raising questions and stirring memories she wasn’t ready to face. Her past is deeply intertwined with cults, and now her present has brought her back to this scene, but can she stay focused enough to see clearly, or will her past and present troubles seal her fate?

I really enjoyed how all the characters in C. Vonzale Lewis’ Zealot, had their own demons, some are mental and some have a more literal demon to battle. Written in a smooth flowing style I found myself effortlessly progressing the story, wondering what would be uncovered next, which truths and deceptions would become illuminated, and what the motivation and schemes lurking beneath the surface would grow to become. I enjoyed the tiny threads woven in the plot that expanded the story and hinted at things to be unravelled, but nothing is ever as it seems, especially with countless twists and a good helping of mystery to keep the reader on their toes. This is the second book in The Blood and Sacrifice Chronicles Series and to start with settling in with characters who’ve already had one adventure can be difficult, however, through story progression all important aspects the reader wants to know are incorporated to give the larger picture to anyone who hasn’t read the first book. There’s an ever-present threat looming in the book, piquing curiosity, and creating a rich environment. Nicole’s battle with her past while trying to come to terms and understand the fallout from things kept sealed and hidden is amazing to watch and her personality really shines through. This was a fun and gripping read that will keep the reader entertained from beginning to end.

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