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Book review: K J Walt’s Monstrosity

In K J Walt’s Monstrosity, Yoska Draper was never going to settle down. He had no ties. His gypsy blood was strong and there was grief in his past he could never outrun. He thought he’d figured everything out, until an uncle he never knew left him a monstrosity in his will. As far as Draper was concerned he couldn’t sell it quickly enough, but there was something about the ugly green, rundown house that spoke to him. Perhaps it was the handsy ghosts, the demon in the corner, or maybe how the most brilliant group of misfits and outcasts had found each other under this old roof, but there was something about this place, this monstrosity, that gave him a strange feeling, and for once, it wasn’t the need to move on.

Monstrosity: Apartment Complex On Deadman Lane Box Set by K J Walt is a phenomenal and gripping read that will hook you from the first page. From the first paragraph the personality of Yoska Draper really erupts from the page, instantly gripping the reader’s attention. I love books like this, ones that get you invested in the first few lines. There isn’t a single character that wasn’t vibrant and unique. I loved Draper’s intense and opinionated personality. While he has a view and opinion on everything, he’s also one to embrace people and their difference without prejudice, and able to kick ass when the need arises. I loved this, loved how his character was so intense, and watching him grow and change as he spends time in the converted mansion was executed brilliantly. I loved seeing his mind work and the evolution of thoughts and understandings as he grows closer to the motley crew, becoming entangled in their lives. This is expertly written, flows beautifully and hold the reader’s attention from beginning to end. I really hope the author writes more books like this, it was nothing short of outstanding.

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