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Book review: Palmer Pickering – Light Fighters (@PalmerPickerin1)

Cassidy had been taken, kidnapped, taken from her twin and forced to endure the most horrendous torture while her brother, Torr, fought for his life before embarking on a desperate struggle across the moon, hoping to get her back. But his journey is not just one for his sister, it is one of discovery. A new gift has awakened. The Star Children are coming into their power and must confront the odds to move forward. But Cassidy’s captor is not one to let her slip idly through her fingers, determined to find her he sets his loyal dog upon them, unaware of the power he possesses and the trouble it will bring. If the Star Children fail their journey, there may not be another chance. When one of the three Hearts-of-Sky exploded, the path home had been lost, and hope of survival along with it. But there had to be away, the scrolls had said so, and life could be forfeit should they fail.

I read the first book in Palmer Pickering’s Star Children Saga back in 2019 and was thrilled to discover book Two, Light Fighters had been released and continues to be a book I could really get my teeth into. I love a big book when it’s well written, especially a fantasy of such epic proportions, and Pickering once again delivers on her promise to entertain, engage, and stir her readers. Pickering is an expert scene setter, she builds the worlds, lure, and history one word at a time like an artist’s brushstrokes to create vast, rich, and vibrant worlds, filled with deep characters, interesting quests, magic, twists, and a quest passed down by fate itself for the very survival of all.

There are such a vast array of characters in Light Fighters, from those you love, to those you outright hate, those whose motives you question, to those you will see to be pure and true, set and devoted to their tasks and morals despite how others would view them. This is a book that will stir thought and consideration, and not just for the driving force and ideals of the characters within, but to the truth of how this came to be, and how mistakes once made are destined to be repeated if not learned from. The fate of all rests on the journey of the Star Children, life weighs heavy on their shoulders and they must learn to use their gift, see what others cannot, and create the future written in the ancient scrolls as their destiny. But the path is never easy, but then again, if it was easy, anyone, not just those fated, would do it.

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