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Book review: Vivian Woolf – Eye Contact

In Vivian Woolf’s, Eye Contact, Isobel was a straight-A student. She was only seen as that, a nerd, a geek, brains. Whatever they said about her, however, they teased her, one thing she’d never been as seen was beautiful, at least not by a boy. That all changed the day Evan walked in. Although new to the school, he owned the halls, he singled her out, he stirred in her things she had never known. But there was something off about him too. Jealousy, with an aversion to talking about his past and his previous girlfriend. He wanted every minute of Isobel’s time, and when that didn’t happen, other things did. Things aren’t as they seem, that’s for sure. Where does love end, and obsession begin?

Eye Contact was an easy read following the drama of school mingled with a new romance, alternating priorities, and the all too familiar back-handed bullies. I loved how while reading it, Vivian Woolf managed to weave a fun, yet troubling, story that made you work at uncovering what was going on. I loved the real feel of Isobel, she had human traits of selfishness, thoughtlessness, being carried away and self-involved, while still possessing the traits that had made her a good friend to start with. How she was made her real, believable. With all the suspicious and strange goings-on, I was desperate to uncover the truth behind events, was there something more to Evan than there seemed, was there a reason people acted so strongly towards him? The setting was well created without being overpowering. A smooth and enjoyable read that will keep you turning the pages for answers. Romance, tension, and questions, combine to make a thrilling read.

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