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Book review, The Replacings – Sandie Will

In Sandie Will’s The Replaclings, Wyatt Corringer didn’t want any part of Adrian Webster’s plan, but there’s only so much you can do to thwart the plans of your kidnapper. He had tried to kill him, tried to stop him from completing the family he had once lost, but nothing he did made any difference. Or maybe it did. Adrian needed him, needed his family to keep his demon, Shade at bay. The thing is, even though he has everything he needed, his demon is not at peace, he is more determined than ever to ensure everything is just as Adrian desires, no matter who gets hurt.

I really enjoyed learning more about Adrian and Shade, seeing into the mind of the villain, how he studied and applied techniques of manipulation in order to ensure cooperation, and the ever-escalating fury and threat of Shade ensured the reader dared not step away for too long. I loved this, it really was a psychological thriller. Sandie Will plays off her version of Stockholm Syndrome against Wyatt’s drive for survival and the need to protect Adrian’s other victims. The Replaclings truly is a tale of twists and manipulation. You fear for the characters as you’re dragged into the horrific things they are forced to endure, while all the time, glimpsing things from Adrian’s perspective. He is a saviour, taking his new family from cruel and neglectful hands, giving them a new life, a new purpose in his family, ensuring they have everything they need, within his limits that is. All he needs is their cooperation. And that’s precisely what Shade will go to any lengths to ensure. Gripping, horrifying, and thrilling, this is a page-turning sadistic delight for readers who love a deep-rooted psychological thriller.

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