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Book review: JCR Paulino’s The Swords of Blood and Gold

In JCR Paulino’s The Swords of Blood and Gold, Jon had found his passion early in life and had excelled in the field of deep-sea treasure hunting. There was nothing he loved more than planning a voyage and reaping the rewards of their hard work, nothing, except maybe the comradery of his friends and colleagues who sank every bit of themselves into the expeditions. But the business wasn’t as booming as it could be. The reason? The boss was obsessed with bringing home a certain haul. Maybe he shouldn’t have butted heads with the big man, had he known the day he left the office would be the last time he’d see any of them alive, he may have rethought things. Wanted by the police under suspicion of mass murder, and on the run from a homicidal maniac, Jon must separate truth from lies and find a means to stop the vicious murder from continuing to target those he loves.

From the very start, this book had me hooked. I was completely enthralled, drawn into the pages as vibrant characters and passion fill the page in a gripping and intense plot. The Swords of Blood and Gold went from a genre I don’t read often, straight to my recommended reading list, and I never recommend a book lightly. I loved the immersive storytelling, you’re not only whisked away on a terrifying ride of justice, love, loss, and hardship, but on an epic and mystical adventure that keeps you glued to the page. It’s the kind of book you want to read in a single sitting, JCR Paulino has a way of weaving a scene, growing their characters and ensuring the reader is fully invested. The meeting of worlds, past and present through fables and the supernatural was brilliant as a threat forged in ancient times endangers the lives of everyone Jon cares for. You share the grief and loss, celebrate the victories, and when the book ends, you have to take a moment to appreciate the magnificence of what you’ve just read. I’ll certainly be looking out for more books from this author.

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