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Book review: Silver Vixen – Between Her Pages

In Silver Vixen’s Between Her Pages, Allison thought she finally had everything figured out. She’d found her dream home, the perfect fortress of solitude in which to write her next book. Sure it needed some work, but she had some time before her deadline, and this place was hers, she just needed a little help to get it to match the vision of her dreams. The problem was she’d already caught the eye of the playboy realtor, and now the live-in carpenter hired to build her dreams was slipping past her defences. What she wasn’t ready for, was the curveballs. Things were never easy, as her past had taught her, a lesson she seemed to be forgetting as the two men vie for her attention, bringing their troubles and drama into the fold. One thing is for certain, the future she envisioned isn’t the one being mapped out before her, but maybe that’s a good thing.

Romance is fast becoming one of my favourite genres, and this Between Her Pages has its spirit in spades. Silver Vixen captures the setting of a writer, striving to work and make time for herself, and reminding her that books should not be judged by their covers. Millionaire playboy Benedict is proving this to her as he seeks out her affection, trying to win her heart from the man who has sneaked into her home and bed, bringing with him more baggage than she could ever have anticipated. At once the life she thought she would have is gone, and a new future and new ideas build upon what fate has placed in her path, opening her heart and mind to new ideas. I loved watching the character progression and discovering the backstories. The way their past and past mistakes reflect on the future they try to create. There is a lot to this book to be enjoyed, twists and surprises, great scene-setting, and difficult decisions and unexpected solutions. It’s well written and has a pull for the reader that will ensure they want to see exactly how it turns out.

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