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Book review: Samael- Alex Dunn (@alexdunnauthor)

Katie, left scarred by a tragic accident, plans to spend the summer holidays hiding away in her sleepy little town. The burns were bad enough, but the person she thought loved her was so repulsed that he dumped her, shattering what little self-confidence remained. It was only when she witnessed the new neighbours dragging the unconscious figure of a boy into their house that things began to change. Strange happenings are afoot, and little does she know that her own curiosity will bring trouble to their sleepy town. Sam, the boy next door, and his curious secrets rekindle her spirit, but she is not the only one to change. Soon she once more stands alone, with only Sam beside her as the most monumental battle in history is brought to her door.

Alex Dunn will successfully capture your attention as she brings to life her own spin on angel and demons in Samael. One thing is for sure, you’ll be hard pushed to tear yourself away from this gripping tale. Samael focuses around the two main protagonists, Katie and Sam. Katie’s accident has left her a shell of the person she once was. Through the plot you have the great pleasure of watching her broken heart and soul slowly repair, as you not only learn about Sam, her new neighbour, but also the unusual circumstances surrounding him. This tale of discovery, both of self and secrets hidden and forgotten, is supported by a small cast of secondary characters, who are individuals in their own right and as such are able to enhance the plot in their own way. Alex Dunn writes with finesse, and breathes life into the character-driven plot effortlessly. There’s peril, temptation, more than a fair share of the mysterious, and teenage troubles in this well-written, steady-paced urban fantasy.

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