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Book review: Shameless – Michelle Heard

Rhett may have acted spoilt at times, but he was always grateful for what he had, he knew things could have turned out much differently. Every woman who crosses his path is a gold digger. But then he met Evie, the kid living on the streets, working for a topless cleaning service. When he looked at her he saw the future that could have met him and his sister Mia. He wanted to help, he hadn’t expected to develop feelings for her, and he sure as hell wasn’t going to act on them. He was her protector, a paycheck to keep her in education and off the streets, so when she graduated and broke all ties he knew he’s been right to be wary. She had seen his money, just like the others. Only she had never felt just like the others, and when an unexpected payment appears in his bank he realises how wrong he had been.

Shameless is the last book in Michelle Heard’s Enemies to lovers series. To be honest, I have to confess I was really looking forward to Rhett’s story and it did not disappoint. As with the other books, we backtrack to the first meeting and watch the relationship feelings, and struggles unfold. This story was particularly sweet, and it brings the side of of Rhett you always knew existed. I loved catching up with the other characters, seeing how things were unfolding in their lives as Rhett realises he has already lost his happily ever after, and vows to find a way to make right his past mistakes. I was sad to see this series end, and will definitely be picking up more books from this author soon.

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