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Book review: Maggie Cole – Web Of Betrayal

Hudson had been hurt in the past, the woman he wanted to marry had broken his heart and ever since he had kept himself guarded. Besides, no woman every wanted all of him, they wanted bits, to pick and choose which parts of him they would be willing to accept. they never wanted all of him, and he didn’t want to give himself to someone either Until Lena. Rescued from the Twisted Heart the young woman is vulnerable, trying to understand her place in a world outside protection and mind games. She unlocks Hudson’s need to protect, and instinct he thought was only afforded to his family. But the more times he spends with her, the easier she is slipping past his defenses. He wants her, but with her past he fears his love could break her.

Web of Betrayal in Book four in Maggie Cole’s Together we Stand series, centering around Hudson and Lena we are drawn into an engaging romance that will have you on the edge of your seat, literally screaming out in frustration at some of the things his ex, Kate, is doing. A game of manipulation is unfolding in his own house, and it seems that Lena is the key to more than just his happiness, because she knows things, things she must never talk about, that make her central to everything the Twisted Hearts want. Engaging, sweet, and frustrating, definitely another great addition to the series.

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