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Book review: S.P. Dawes – The Vine Coda

Jesse and Hayley had finally built their life together. They had been through hell, suffered, and somehow managed to salvage what they had and made a life for themselves. If anyone deserved some peace it was them, and with Hayley’s father promising them it was over, it was almost like they could breathe. Hayley was still fragile, reliving trauma. There are still things she hasn’t told Jesse, secrets. And now in one last bid for power those secrets have returned to haunt her, threatening to take away everything she has fought to protect.

The Vine Coda is the final book in S.P. Dawes Vine series, and what a conclusion it is. Heartbreak, second chances and danger combine as the complex plot ties together the events of the last two books and leaves no question unanswered. I loved the progression of the characters and how things seemingly unconnected were in fact woven into a complex web and scheme. This series truly is a masterpiece of mystery, suspense, and peril, and the ending was just perfect. If you’re looking for a deep, dark, and disturbing read that explores the depravity of the human mind and the lengths some people will go for power, then this is definitely one for you. With engaging and relatable characters and a gripping tense plot, you will not be left wanting.

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