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Book review: Ruthless – Michelle Heard (@MichelleAHorst)

Marcus had spent his life protecting his heart, protecting others from the monster he feared he would become. His mother had once told him he was just like his father, but after what he did, that praise became his deepest fear. He built his walls, protected himself, and let no one inside. That was, until he met Willow. There was something about her that got to him. she saw through his façade, ignored his attempts to push her away, and somehow she did the unthinkable, she breached his defences. He wants nothing more than to love her, but he can’t especially now he knows every beat of his heart is for her.

Ruthless is book four of five book in Michelle Heard’s enemy to lovers series. Having read the others to this point, I enjoyed filling in the blanks. As the series has unfolded we have learnt a lot about the involved characters, each book centring around them finding their own HEA, and Marcus’ story was every bit as gripping and intense as those which came before it. We watch Marcus as he spends years fighting his heart, unwilling to take a chance when it could spell heartbreak and disaster. Having read the other books, I had pieced together what I thought would happen, and while in some respects I was right, there are things in the book I hadn’t considered. there is definitely more than one tear-jerking moment and as many that will make you smile. I must confess, having read all the books until this point, I am really looking forward to reading Rhett’s story.

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