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Book review: Missing Pieces – Ivy Smoak (@IvySmoakAuthor)

The final addition to my, ‘how the hell have I not left a review for this book yet?’ reviews is for the third book in the amazing Ivy Smoak’s Men of Manhattan series. Although I’ll be honest, I’ve spotted a few more books that slipped by unreviewed, but I plan to give then another read and a proper review. I mean, it’s what they deserve after all. (Sorry Ivy – your books are just so good i get swept away by them)

It’s hard review this book without including spoilers from The Hunted Series, so before you feast your eyes on this short and sweet summary if you haven’t already read the amazing series, start there.

Missing pieces follows Tyler’s journey of self discovery. Torn and heartbroken, he has made a decision that will affect the rest of his life, and it all starts with a road trip. What he didn’t expect to find on this journey was the one thing he had been missing. Her name is Hayley, and she’s joining him on the road in a desperate attempt to save everything she loves. She needs to find hope, he needs to find himself, but together they find each other. This is a really sweet book that gives you a glimpse into Tyler’s past that also sheds some light on the boy we first meet in the Hunted series.

I read this originally on KU and ended up buying it on my second read through.

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