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Book review: Third Chances – Ivy Smoak (@IvySmoakAuthor)

So, just like my review for City of Sin, this is another one of those kicking myself reviews. I last read this book in December, and that was the second time I had picked it up. The problem with books by Ivy Smoak is they’re addictive, you can’t just stop at one. I said on my last one, that I think I forgot to review because I went through all her books so quickly, but that is really no excuse, because every book I have ever read by this lady has been brilliant and deserves recognition, even if that’s in the form of a quick review I write months after reading it.

I would like to say Third Chances centres around one of my favourite characters, Rob, but anyone who has picked up any of Ivy’s books knows it’s pretty much impossible to have a favourite. Her characters are so alive and vibrant that it becomes impossible to just pick one, but there is a special place in my heart for the free spirited, prankster with a heart of gold, and seeing him find Daphne was truly amazing. I love how the two of them fit. They have difficulties, couldn’t be more different, and yet with effort they come together amazingly. Whilst Rob often seems free, in this book we get a glimpse into the things he hides beneath his confidence, and discover parts of him we didn’t know existed from the times we encounter him in the other books. Daphne, however, has a trouble past herself, and the more she uncovers about Rob, the more those red flag in her mind begin to spring. Sometimes the only things getting in the way of happiness, is yourself.

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