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Book review: Shane Lassetter -Veterans Affairs (@OutlastZombies )

John had lost both his parents to scum, and the law never brought justice. He lost his reviewmother first, his father raised him as best he could, and inadvertently gave him a passion for gaming, and a means to obtain his next contract. World of Warcraft was just that, a place where John could be contacted to continue his own war of the world of scum, those the law could not bring to justice. His military training had been part of his plan, giving him the skills he would need, and his passion for writing presented just the excuse he needed to travel. A writer by day, an assassin as the need arose. He could not bring back those lost, or undo the wrongs already committed, but he could stop them from happening again.

Veterans Affairs is the first in Shane Lassetter’s A John Parks Novel. I have to say I really enjoyed it. Sometimes it does the soul good to see the bad guys brought to justice, and the imaginative ways in which it can be achieved, not only through John’s training, but also through things he has watched and sought inspiration from. Veterans Affairs runs at a steady pace as we meet John, learn of his past, contacts, friendships, and plan, as we are drawn into his hectic life and building relationships. There is some great character and plot development which lead me to believe that this could be an enjoyable series for many books to come. Justice, judgement, vengeance, love, and Warcraft, what’s not to like?

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Book review: Joey Paul – Dying Thoughts – Sixth Change (@MsJoeyBug )

Tara’s life had been full of change. She was nearly an adult now, she was willingly reviewattending higher education, she had friends, a goal, but there were a few things she could not change, her gift to see a dying person’s last moments, and the toll Adam’s actions and her past experiences had taken on her. Now, at college, she finds herself once more faced with horror as members of her social circle are drugged and abducted, barely escaping. It takes her to a place in her mind she would rather not be, a place she must willingly venture if she is to uncover the ones responsible. The abductor’s game is evolving, but so too is Tara’s gift. Can she overcome her fears and learn what she must before something even more terrible happens?

I have read every book in this series to date, and I have to say they just keep getting better. The Dying Thoughts series is easily one of the best examples of the first-person narrative I have ever encountered, and just as Tara ages from book one to six, so too does her monologue, and outlook, something clearly reflected in the ever-maturing voice written by Joey Paul. Trouble seems to find Tara everywhere and book six is no exception. New friends, new troubles, and new visions await, and the clock is ticking. This is an amazing series, but the books also work well as stand-alone, anything you need to know is skilfully recapped, and you’ll find it hard not to be pulled along with the vivid and unique characters who drive this adventure.

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Book review: Kaylin McFarren’s Twisted Threads (@4kaylin )

Akira Hamada has a debt. It is one she fears will never be paid, and one she dare not run reviewaway from. So when she is offered the chance at one final assassination to balance the books, and earn her freedom, she is both optimistic and suspicious. More so because, for this job, she will not be travelling alone. Her targets are suspects in murder, and her task is simple, if she can’t identify the killer, she is to erase the whole family. The job didn’t sit right with her. She wanted to be sure of their guilt, and to isolate the guilty she needed to get close to them. The easiest way in was Devon, the handsome young nephew, or at least she had thought it would be. Akira was used to being in control, but there is nothing more unpredictable than love.

Kaylin McFarren spins a complex tale at a suitable pace to keep the reader engrossed from beginning to end. Whilst on a cruise give access to a some great settings along with a wide cast of characters, the plot focuses mainly on those integral, and by doing so gives them great depth and personality, while filler characters are used to flush out events, but are written in a way that does not seem two dimensional. An extra string of suspicious deaths and missing people bring more to the already tense scene that causes Akira’s mission. Then enters the mysterious watcher, you’ll enjoy trying to figure out this person’s identity. If you’re looking for an engrossing read that has action, thrills, romance and intrigue then Twisted Threads may very well be the book for you.


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Book review: Dark Associations by Marie Sutro

Dark Associations is a crime fiction thriller written by Marie Sutro

Kate Barnes, a detective in the SFPD with a haunted past paved in guilt, tries to keep 51wr8yeqazlpeople at a distance, but in every day life even the simplest of exchanges can develop into something more. Kate was selected to be mentor, to watch over and guide the impressionable mind of a brilliant student whose idolisation of her role-model led to tragedy. When Kate looks upon the brutal scene of her prodigy’s murder she swears to bring her killer to justice, but soon discovers there is more to this case than an isolated event. A serial killer, known as the Tower Torturer, has reared his head, his focus on Kate and the women she holds dear. This brutal killer has already once slipped through the hands of the FBI. Can she bring him to justice before he once again fades into the background, or worse, kills everyone close to her while forcing her add to the burden of guilt she already bears?

There is nothing I love more on a dark night than sitting with a book and trying to work out ‘who-done-it’ before the truth is revealed. I love watching and reading murder mysteries, be it the more widely enjoyed CSI or the old classics first penned by Agatha Christie or  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. When I read a book of this genre it has a lot of expectations to meet in order to receive a five star and Dark Associations ticked all the boxes for me. It is dark, gripping, tense, and filled with deep and interesting characters. From the onset I knew this book had promise, but I did not expect to be so blown away by the author’s skill at creating tension and a complex plot to keep the reader guessing right until the end. If time had allowed there would have been no prying this book from my hand, and I always wanted to read just a little longer. I will certainly be on the look out for more books from Marie Sutro, and would not find myself surprised, in the future, to find myself watching it on TV. A great book, deserving of five stars and my highest praise.

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Dark Associations