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Book review: Sheena Fleming- Watching Over You

Anya has been training hard. Favoured to take home a medal in the games she has been driving down the time of her personal best, but while she is watching her times, someone is watching her. It was easier than he thought to grab her, and he has every intention of getting away with it. Her family knows she is gone, they received a single ransom demand and the police are diving into her life trying to uncover what could have happened that fateful day. But her abductor doesn’t care, he planned for this, planned for everything, and he knows just how to keep her where he wants her. Will they find her in time, or has the future once imagined by the young athlete about to take a drastic turn?

Sheena Fleming’s Watching Over You is a fast-paced psychological thriller that tells the tale of a young woman’s abduction and the police’s desperate search for her. I enjoyed watching this story unfold from the various perspectives, from the detectives trying desperately to chase down clues and fund her, to the twisted mind of her abductor. I enjoyed the atmosphere and desperation that flooded every page of this dark and twisted read.

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