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Book review: Emily Stormbrook – Breaking Sin

He had watched her for years, from the moment she stepped foot in school she should have been his. She was the start of an obsession, an addiction he needed to sate. It should have been he who had sat with her the first day, he she came to rely on. Instead it was Miles Taylor. Even when they went to different universities he had never forgotten her. He watched her from the shadows, waiting, manipulating her life until the day she would be his. That day had come. After years of planning she was finally within his grasp. It was time for Ivy Sinclair to give him everything she had denied him for years She would be his, mind, body, and soul. And the best part was, no one would even realise she was gone. She would pay for teasing him, she was his now, his to enjoy, his to play with, his to break. He would be her world, just as she had once been his.

Breaking Sin by Emily Stormbrook is one hell of a dark read and I just couldn’t put it down. I fell in love with Ivy and Miles from the start, the sparks and tension between them as they both sought something more from their age old friendship were stomach tingling moreish. I could feel their frustration and desire oozing from the page. And then, everything goes wrong. Ivy is abducted and Miles is sent into a self-destructive spiral as he does everything in his power to try to find her. Meanwhile, poor Ivy is being held by a monster who wants nothing more than to violate and break her in the most horrific ways possible. What started as a sweet romance story between Miles and Ivy becomes something straight from the pages of horror as Ivy’s fear, confusion, and terror resonate alongside Miles’ desperation. I loved how this book was so character focused. It wasn’t just about the horrific things Ivy was enduring, but the effects on Miles and I thought the balance was perfect. I have read a number of these kind of dark books, and most tend to solely focus on the assault, so it was quite refreshing to see the world moving on outside her hopeless situations, while little by little we see her defiance and spark slowly starting to fade as she comes to understand the true hopelessness of her situation. Ivy is one hell of a strong character and I really need book two.

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