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Book review: Jane Gundogan – Salep and Ginger

Ginger Knox loved rom-coms, so when one new year’s eve the man of her dreams swept her off her feet with a simple hello she thought he was her forever. She moved her whole life for him. And in return he moved his PA, right into their bed. Heartbroken, and alone she tries to rebuild her life. That’s why her friends set her up on a date. But how could she know Mr feels-so-right was going to be oh-so-wrong and send her life spiralling once again? Their almost-encounter was more real than the years she had with Henry, she felt more in that one evening than she had ever felt before, including rage, shame, and humiliation when she discovered the truth. But fate isn’t finished with her yet. She left him at the train station, but now fate has left her on his doorstep. Is this her chance to recapture the almost her heart has mourned, or will the complications of his life prove too much?

Salep and Ginger is an absolutely riveting romantic read that will make you laugh, cry, and rage. Pulled into Ginger’s life through the gripping first person narrative you experience her every high and low in a deep and emotional way as she forces you to invest in her jaded yet hopelessly romantic personality. There was so much to love about this book, from the perfect blend of romance and drama, to the way you experience another culture through the eyes of a tourist. The characters are vibrant and realistic, and the romance is beautifully plotted. This really is a must read.

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