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Book review: Witch’s Return – Sionna Trenz

Sonya had been torn from her home at the height of tragedy. Ripped from the place and people she loved and every time she tried to make her way back her path was blocked. But finally she made it. But Sonya finds more than just her childhood home waiting for her. Friends of old and a legacy never forgotten welcome her home. Dark things are afoot in Stargazer Island. For generations her family has been the one to protect the island, but she can’t do it alone and just because she finally fled the oppression, doesn’t mean the forces that kept her away are finished with her yet. Her only chance is to surround herself with people she trusts and fend off darkness with her light.

Witches Return is a gripping urban fantasy filled with myth, magic, lore, and danger. As a reader I was instantly drawn to Sonya’s strong yet damaged character as she tries to push past the horrors of her life and embrace the goodness she knows of the place she called home. Wrapped within a plot wrought with murder, sacrifices, and danger is a sweet romance that warms the heart. Beautifully written, with clearly discussed myth, magic, and entities, this story will capture heart and imagination alike and bring to light the true meaning of friendship. A wonderfully whimsical read beginning to end.

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