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Book review: Angie Fox – The Monster MASH (@AngieFoxauthor)

Petra had wanted to make a difference. It didn’t matter whether it was on the mortal plane, or when she had been drafted into the army of the gods and assigned to the MASH unit. There was just one problem with her presence there. She’d been born with a skill that could seal her fate, and given that the gods were no stranger to cruel and unusual punishments she was certain it would be a fate worse than death. She’d hid her ability for years, knowing the gods were taking out anyone who could see the dead, lest their eternal war end. But then she messed up. Galen had slipped away before her eyes, and without thinking she’d done the one thing she shouldn’t have, exposed herself. She saved his life, and by doing so kicked the ancient prophecy into motion. The safest thing would be to ignore it, to pretend it never happened. But fate has other plans.

The Monster MASH by Angie Fox is a funny, gripping, and drama-driven plot that explored how small things can make huge differences. As a fan of the original MASH tv series I thought this supernatural spin was brilliant. The characters are alive and vivid, the plot will have you both chuckling and lamenting. Beautifully paced and engaging this was a thrilling read from start to finish.

I received an ARC copy of this book from Netgalley.

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