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Book review: Trisha Grace – Always You (@TrishaGraceBks)

After a hectic two weeks Emily Bennett believes she can finally relax and have that first reviewdate she has been looking forward to with Alexander. With his parents’ murder behind bars that should be the end of the problems, but trouble runs deeper than anyone had imagined. A string of events already set into motion had the town reeling, biker gangs are terrorizing the strip mall, the properties belonging to Alexander and something needs to be done. But the warning comes too late. A terrible fire and a horrific tragedy leave the town on edge and once more draw Emily from the life she thought she craved in a search for the truth.

Always you is the second book in Trisha Grace’s Finding Home series and continues the story of Alex and Emily as they are drawn into yet another high stakes investigation. We are greeted again by vibrant and realistic characters and an escalating jealousy from Alex’s ex-girlfriend as the relationship between him and Emily begins to blossom. Veiled threats and dangerous characters are becoming all too common in Anchorville. I loved the atmosphere of this book, once again the plot flows seamlessly, uncovering more of the characters’ pasts and their concerns over the present and future. I enjoyed watching the relationship between Alex and Emily evolving and growing as both come to realise exactly what they want and begin to open themselves up to the full experience. Nothing is quite as it seems with the recent events, and the more Emily digs into the scene the more she is certain there was something more than meets the eye. That of course doesn’t alter the masked, almost hidden threat that the biker gang leader seems to have thrown their way. Murder, violence, danger and romance will take you on a thrilling ride of discovery as Emily’s dream of a peaceful life once more goes up in flames.

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