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Book review: A Zavarelli – Beast (@AZavarellibooks)

Bella’s father has gone missing, not knowing whether he is alive or dead is killing her. reviewShe’s a pop idol, a young lady with the voice of an angel, but all she feels now instead of the joy of music is trapped. She keeps reaching out, hoping that she will hear something, anything, to confirm her father is still alive. She knows of only one person who could help, Javi, the boy her father always abandoned her for, the boy he had always spent his time with. But Javi is not who she thinks he is, bent on revenge and focused on obsession Bella is about to discover exactly what it means to be trapped. He’s a beast and he wants to break her, to show her the true meaning of pain and suffering.

A Zavarelli’s Beast is a twisted and gripping dark romance that takes the fairy tale Beauty and the beast to erotic and all new lengths. I have to admit I am become quite the fan of dark romances and I found the plot and emotions in this book as engaging as the author’s writing style. Great descriptions and scene settings lead to full plot emersion and investment in the characters you need to love. Exciting, torturous, sweet, and nasty all in one spine tingling and gripping read with more than one twist in store. simply brilliant.

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