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Book review: Whitney G – Two Weeks Notice (@Whitgracia)

Tara was desperate, behind on rent with only a few dollars in her bank she was doing revieweverything she could to save pennies until she could find a job. She had left university with excellent prospects, but no one seems to be willing to take a chance, that is, until she is caught doing something she shouldn’t by the CEO of the number one hotel chain. The deal is simple, she works for him, he doesn’t call the police. She had no idea what she was getting into. Preston is the worst boss in the world, a workaholic asshole who usually cant keep an EA for more than a few weeks. But there is small print in her contract she hadn’t seen, now she is stuck there, until death do they part, hers or his. Tempting. She may have been ready to try anything, until the unexpected happens and he presents her with an offer she can’t refuse.

Two Weeks Notice is a stand alone contemporary romance by Whitney G. Written in the alternating perspective of Tara and Preston to allow the reader a full experience. Preston’s character is well defined in his role, cocky, arrogant, and an ass but fortunately Tara is more than up to the challenge, she is exactly what he needs she won’t take is crap and excels in the job she had to do. Set over two years years I enjoyed watching Tara grow into the role of his EA, making herself indispensable which, unfortunately for her, opens a whole new can of worms when she tries to leave. The story flows well and is entertaining. Tension, hatred, frustration, and attraction drive this enemies to lovers romance, and as the plot unfold, you’ll see things on the surface aren’t always how they appear.


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