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Book review: Trisha Grace – Home to You (@TrishaGraceBks)

Emily Bennett is a renowned journalist, but when a target is painted on her back she 51yT35pNs4Leventually has to recognise some things are not worth risking. Determined to have a simple life she moved to Anchorville, Oregon where she is committed to continue working as a murder mystery writer. Little did she know her dreams of a peaceful life are just that, dreams. When an intruder disturbs her peace he brings with him all manner of trouble. Problems she feels herself drawn into as much as she is drawn towards him.

Home to You by Trisha Grace is a beautifully written romance following the complications of moving to a small town and the difficulties of new relationships.  Emily was ready for a peaceful life, but Alexander turning up on her doorstep, without his memory has triggered something. Now more than ever the questions she had about his mother’s death taunt her, after all she was an investigative journalist, and she knows exactly what to ask and what to look for. I enjoyed how the perfectly paced plot unfolded revealing aspects of both the main character’s lives and intertwines their present in an engaging and delightful way. The characters are vibrant and realistic with distinctive and relatable personalities. I loved the comradery and struggles faced as the hidden truth is slowly brought to the surface despite efforts to keep it buried. Anyone who loves a sweet clean romance with a healthy dose of mystery is bound to enjoy this book. Action, danger, investigations, mystery, growth, and romance all come together in this thrilling read that is about more than just attraction, it’s about justice.

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