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Book review: Lauren Rowe – Smitten (@laurenrowebooks)

Alessandra was a music student, two years in with a killer voice and amazing talent. Her reviewknowledge of music, her way of seeing and hearing things was second to none. The one thing she isn’t, however, is outgoing. When she comes face to face with one of her favourite bands, shy girl Alessandra freezes, especially when her own personal heartthrob, Matthew, known as Fish, takes interest indrawing her out of her shell. The attraction in instant, she is more than just star struck, but what would this big time rock star possibly see in her? He’s hot, famous, and a nice guy, he put aside a moment of his time to get to know her, but can he really hope for anything more?

Smitten by Lauren Rowe is an adorable romance written in the alternating first person perspectives of Matthew (Fish) and Alessandra. I have to admit I absolutely loved the flow of this book and the characters are vibrant, realistic, and enchanting. You can’t help but feel drawn into their story. I love books like this, they are truly feel good reads in which the characters not only grow, but help each other to discover themselves. Romance, humour, and charisma will hook the reader from the start as you are taken on a sweet whirlwind romance built to last.

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